How to fix notifications problem on Chinese Smartwatches

If just a few hours ago I presented you with a Review of the Iradish X9 Y6, such a Apple Watch clone compatible with Android and iOS and that we can get for less than 30 Euros, now it is the turn of the correction in the synchronization of notifications, so I'm going to show you how to put an end to the problem of notifications in a Chinese Smartwatches that depend on the Bluetooth Notifier app.

This solution to the problem of notifications in Chinese Smartwatches that normally appear to us with the link with smartphones that have a version of Android Lollipop, is valid for all Chinese Smartwatches models and brands that make use of the Bluetooth Notifier application, which is giving many problems so much that it does not synchronize the notifications received.

How to set up Chinese smartwatch and fix the notifications problem

Smartwear, one of the applications for Chinese smartwatch

In the video attached to the header of this article I show you step by step the solution to the problem of notifications in Chinese Smartwatches. A solution that is as simple as uninstalling Bluetooth notifier and installing Smartwear, one of the applications for Chinese Smartwatch that is available completely free from the Google Play Store by clicking on the link that I leave below.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

With the simple installation of smartwear and the uninstallation of Bluetooth Notifier we will be corrected all notification sync problems on all brands and models of Chinese smartwatches that made use of Bluetooth Notifier.

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smart wear It is one of the easiest applications for Chinese smartwatch to use and configure, as simple or more than Bluetooth Notifier and with which we will achieve a synchronization of all the notifications that reach us on the Smartphone linked to the Smartwatch, although from the application's own settings, we will also be able to filter the notifications by applications so that we will receive only the notifications of the applications that interest us.

smart wear

Although in these screenshots from the Google Play Store, you see that the application appears in Chinese, the reality is that It is fully translated into English and it is fully functional and very easy to understand.

How to set up a Chinese smartwatch

When we buy a cino smartwatch, one of the first details that we have to take into account is the operating system you use. In many cases, brands are betting on Wear OS, the operating system developed by Google for these devices. If this is the case, the process is then really simple, since the configuration will not take us too long. To do this, we will need to use the Wear OS application on the phone.

Once the app is downloaded, we have to activate Bluetooth on both devices and in the Wear OS app click on Start configuration. Then we will only have to follow the steps shown on the screen, so that the two devices are going to connect. A message will appear on the screen that says Connected or connected, so that we know that this has already happened.

Once connected, we can configure this smartwatch In a simple way. From the Wear OS application we can do this without too much trouble. We will customize the functions that we want to use in the watch, so that it fits

How to connect a Chinese smartwatch to Android

In the past, in the event that said Chinese smartwatch did not have Android Wear or Wear OS, other apps had to be used. Unfortunately, many of them have been removed from the store, such as Smart Wear or MediaTek Smart Device. The good part is that there is another application that allows us to carry out this process, to connect the watch to the Android phone, in addition to ending with notification problems.

It's about Watch Droid Phone, which has been available for Android for a while. This application helps us to connect your smartwatch with Android operating system to the phone to be able to receive notifications from your applications, manage music playback, send files from the phone to the smartwatch and many more. To do this, we have to download the watch app and the phone app:

Watch DroidPhone
Watch DroidPhone
Developer: Lumatic Software
Price: Free
Watch Droid Assistant
Watch Droid Assistant
Developer: Lumatic Software
Price: Free

Once the two applications are downloaded, we have to open the phone app. It shows us the steps to follow to connect the phone to this Chinese smartwatch. So in a few steps we will already have these two devices synchronized in a simple way, which will allow us to make the most of this clock.

Essential Chinese smartwatch apps

There are many apps that can be useful for users who have a Chinese smartwatch, so that they will be able to get the most out of it. Some of the most interesting apps are:


A perfect application for users who go out for a run. Since it is presented as your running and fitness app, thanks to which you have a perfect and controlled record at all times of your workouts, with all the details that are of importance in this regard. So you can have a good fitness tracking thanks to this app.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


The popular task automation app, which helps us organize many processes on the phone or on a day-to-day basis. In addition, we can also use it with a smartwatch, for an even more complete use at all times. So it is an application that can surely be useful for many users.

Developer: IFTTT, Inc.
Price: Free


The well-known messaging application syncs with the smartwatch, so that we will be able to see all the messages we receive on the watch at any time. Thus, you will never miss any notification in it, especially if you have gone out to do sports at some point.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free

BT Notifier

This application is a common one in Chinese smartwatches, but that in many cases can cause problems, as with notifications. Therefore, the recommendation is to remove it from the watch. Especially because instead we can make use of other applications that will work better, such as Droid Watch, which give us similar functions, in addition to having additional functions, which will not cause problems in the operation of the watch.

Nowadays you can download Bluetooth Notifier from Google Play, where it is still available. Although user ratings are mostly negative, which makes it clear that it is an app that does not quite convince and give the expected performance. It is best to avoid using it on your Chinese smartwatch.

We hope that after this little tutorial you have been able set up chinese smartwatch and problems with notifications have been fixed. If you've found another method to fix this annoying bug, let us know how you did it in the comments.

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  1.   Benzema said

    You're a phenomenon!!! That app is great !!
    Thanks for sharing ??
    All the best?

    1.    jm said

      Master install and the truth is that it is the only app with which I have received a notification, but the problem is that I only get the notifications from the phone system, no notification from the configured applications and I tried everything, I don't know how to do it. some clue?

      1.    Javi said

        What phone do you have? The same thing happens to me with a moto g 2014

  2.   Robert Oaks said

    Friend I have a problem the app does not recognize the clock: / what can I do

    1.    jart2 said

      hello, could you solve it?

    2.    Marian said

      I have a KSIX Smart Watch, I link it with the bluetooh, it works the first five minutes and the BT clock has been lost appears, my mobile is a Samsung GALAXY Ace model GT558391 Android version 2.3.6.

      I ask for help
      all the best

    3.    Elizabeth said

      I bought a Chinese smartwatch, it connected the Bluetooth of my perfect LG Cel but it did not link it. I read almost all the suggestions that came out about it, I used almost all the apps and nothing.
      When checking my cell settings, I had "location" turned off. I turned it on and solved the problem. They were linked immediately and only using the app that the watch manufacturer recommended.
      I hope my experience will serve you.

  3.   pile said

    Hello, I am very glad the alication helped me a lot but I would like to change the face of my Chinese watch, the model is W3, will it be possible, can you help me? Thanks, I'll wait for your answer.

  4.   Nelson said

    The intale I get a few and it throws an error or it disconnects only my computer is an s5

  5.   heidi said

    I have an a8 watch and at the moment the notifications are fine, my problem comes when it comes to customizing it, because there is no way to put anything on the samrtwatch

  6.   Miguel said

    It does not work on the GT08S smartwatch with an LG G3 phone with Android 5.0 lollipop.

  7.   metroqis said

    I have a One Touch Pop C7 and it also works fine for a few days and then it stops working and disconnects again.

  8.   Abel Sanabria said

    Good afternoon, it works halfway with my s5, and with a lenovo A2010, it only plays sound but does not show anything

  9.   edgar said

    Thanks for the input. It has not allowed me the installation, it gives me an error 505 that it cannot be installed, what can I do? Thank you

    1.    Luis said

      Uninstall the other application that you have on your phone connected to the smartwatch and install SmartWear.

  10.   hm said

    a u8 with a s7 worked perfect! Thank you!

  11.   Arthur Xavier said

    I have an S7 and I can't connect it, it pairs and disconnects again, can someone help me?

    1.    Pepe said

      One watch for each Chinese and one Chinese per clock, they are folded into us

  12.   angel aragón ortega said

    I have a GR08 and the notifications are not configured

  13.   Luis Barrios said

    Hello, could you help me, I am from Venezuela, I have a U8 model and I install it on an android tablet or other android devices and the SmartWear app cannot recognize the U8 device. The phone is linked via bluetooth but in the app I get that it does not say fail "SmartDevice connect Fail" I have tried all the apps and nothing.

    My email:

    Thanked beforehand.

  14.   Carolina Silva said

    Happy because the application works excellent for me. Sony Xperia C4
    Thank you

  15.   josemi said

    good, I have a no1 g3 and the application fundo, with what regarding the arrival of notifications I have no problem. The problem comes when I try to read them on the smartwatch and I don't know if I'm asking too much, but I have read opinions that said that you could read whatsaps and others. The fact is that I see what notifications I have, but it does not let me read the messages themselves. Anyone who can get me a cable?

    1.    Diego said

      Hi Josemi. I have the same problem with the same smartwatch. I see for example that I have 7 WhatsApp messages from 3 different chats. SUV however I am not able to read even one of them.

      Did you manage to fix it?
      Thank you

      1.    Daniel said

        The same thing happens to me too, just notification and I can't read them. I read on a page that some clocks are not used to read just to notify 🙁

    2.    Nina said

      APP is no longer available 🙁

  16.   Luis said

    Hello, thank you very much for the info, but the video is not available. 🙁

    1.    Diego said

      Hi Luis. I have exactly the same problem with the same smartwatch. Did you manage to solve it? I can see that I have for example 7 messages from 3 chats, but I am not able to read a single one ...

      Thank you

  17.   Anto said

    Is there a version of the smartwear App for iPhone?

    How do I get whatsapp in a GTO8 with iPhone?

    1.    Deiby Cobo said

      Hello friend, I saw your question about whether there was an app to connect GT08 to an iPhone, I have the same doubt if you know how I thank you

  18.   joseph said

    Hello, good afternoon, I have a kingwear kw18 and I would like to add watch faces. Please can you help me?

  19.   eduardo said

    Hello, I have an iPhone 6s, what apps do I use?

  20.   Jose Ricardo said

    Hello..! thanks for your explanation. I have a doubt. On the phone and on the watch both appear connected, however the app cannot find the watch. It is a U8.
    I would appreciate a helpful answer if possible. Thank you

  21.   Juanan said

    good evening. first apologize in case I don't ask the question in the right place (but I don't know where to put it) I bought a Chinese smartwatch for my daughter and it turns out that she doesn't have Spanish, it would be possible to add it in some way. Thank you .

  22.   Andrea neck said

    Hello, I have an A1 and only the sound of whatsapp arrives and not the message, I need a solution

    1.    Lois david said

      The same thing happens to me Andrea, did you solve it, let me know?

    2.    William Santiago said

      My smartwash is not modern and when I scan qr code it sends me to play store but it won't let me download the original bt notifier. Can you help me see if you let me configure it? Thank you very much in advance.

  23.   Andrea Neck said

    Hello, I did not solve it, my email is andrea_itaty @ hotmail. com, I need help

  24.   salomon said

    hello I need help, I have a sony smartwatch 3 and in some apps it gives me an overlap error on the same watch please help

  25.   Juanan said

    Good morning I do not know if it will be the right place to make this query. I have bought a Chinese smartwach for my daughter and she does not bring the Spanish language. would there be any possibility to add it? .I hope you can help me . Thank you.

  26.   Javi said

    I have a query, I have a j7 and I have a gt08 smartwatch and I can't read the whatsapp notifications, however if I can read the ones that come to me on the facebook messenger, is there a solution? I have an application installed that came with the qr code on the watch

  27.   Alberto said

    I still have the doubt of No.1 G3 and the whatsapp separately

  28.   Claudio said

    I can only see the notification that I have messages on whatsapp but I cannot read them. Any solution?

    1.    Elizabeth said

      Mediatek SmartDevice

  29.   Ricardo said

    You know the KW88 Smartwatch, could you tell me if it is as good as it is painted in the advertising of the product.

  30.   Sebastian Andres Galaz Ponce said

    Hello good 2 days ago I bought a U8 smartwatch And I have the problem that the notifications come to me and I can even read them but the clock does not sound or vibrate when they arrive and I do not know what to do if they could help me, my email is

  31.   ester said

    Hello, I bought a dz09 but it won't let me install whatsapp or facebook, nor does the browser, it already has a chip so that it works individually from the cell phone, but it sends me to the browser to install but it gives an error, could someone help me?

  32.   gaston said

    Hello, good afternoon, can you please help me? I have an iPhone and the watch dz09 only works for calls, and a message arrives, but no notification can be seen, and I read from various sides that if they could, at least read a text message and Whats App, I hope help, thanks greetings

  33.   Anonymous said

    I do not receive notifications of anything. The calls do reach me but the whatsapps do not. I already tried that application and many more none work. It gives the signal that it is connected but the whatsapps do not arrive: \
    Help please

  34.   Anonymous said

    I have a gt08 and the calls do arrive but the notifications do not come from anything or from wahtsapp or anything. I have already tried this app and many more, but none of them work for me, I have already seen many tutorials, I have done everything and the notifications without arriving. Thanks.

    1.    Elizabeth said

      Try Mediatek SmartDevice. I'm doing great.
      I can read the wathsapp

  35.   Gabriel said

    I bought a smart watch and I can not read the messages of any uncle is Chinese. How do I thank you. I NEED HELP

  36.   Kevin said

    I have a watch, no.1 g6 and I can't pair the watch with my cell phone, and I have a moto g4 plus

  37.   Anthony M. Benavides L. said

    I need a tutor with the kw88 watch please help my email is

  38.   Luis said

    Hello. I have a gt08 and android 6.0.1 I have installed almost all the apk and it does not work. In some cases it notifies me but does not let me read the whatsapp. Help thanks

  39.   Charli said

    Hello, I have a k88h and after two perfect days ... when I turn it on, the third day remains on the connecting screen. ..and until today ... has it happened to someone? ... do you know how to reset it. only has the chive of the clock that makes the on of ...

    1.    Cross said

      I have one the same and the same thing happens to me

  40.   Felipe said

    I have one the same and the same thing happens to me

  41.   angy said

    My dz09 does not bring to change the language from English to Spanish, what do I do

  42.   core said

    any app for the smart rejoj compatible for android 7.0?

  43.   Carlos crown said

    I have a Smart Watch q18 but the camera shows the image upside down. I don't know how to solve it?

  44.   right hand said

    I bought a Smartwartch, and I have put BTNotification on it and it works well for me. I don't know who is in charge of this page, I'm sure they are not interested, I have seen comments and they have not answered a single one. Why do these things, and not help, Would you do it for money? The MediaTek also works, but in Wsap you only see the notification of the msg, not the text, that's normal. Questions… .. have you been able to activate the internet. Export the contacts to the clock, and use them with the mobile disconnected from the BT?. Any questions, I will answer them. Thank you.

    1.    juani said

      hello, I have tried to install several apps and the contacts, calls and notifications are great but I can't see the wassap messages. Can you help me. I have a Bt2 U8

  45.   juanma said

    I have just purchased a smart watch nº1 S9 but with my motorola G3 android 6 notifications do not work for me. I have tried with a samsung with android v. 4.2 and yes it works.
    Did that happen to anyone else? where can I know more….

    Thank you

  46.   Maria said

    Hols I would like to know how I can see wasap in a smartwach with SIM. Through Bluetooth I can do it but not with a sim card. It is Chinese ... a DAM G3.Thank you

  47.   Maurito said

    I just managed to configure my Chinese smartwatch after reviewing 200 pages and none of them will work for me. I simply accessed the option Settings-> BT Notification -> google play from the watch. From there, a QR code appeared on the clock screen and I scanned it with a QR code application that I downloaded from google play. In doing so I send myself to the exact google play address of the BT Notification, which is the version that made that clock work 100%. it's great. I hope it helps you.
    ps: my cell phone is an LG Bello double chip model 2015 u = and the smartwatch does not tell me any code or anything. So I don't know your version or model: V

  48.   Jesus said

    It does not work for me with any app, the watch is lemfo lf1 and the mobile is oneplus3.

  49.   Erick vazquez said

    Sorry I was reading your comments and I have the same problem, I have a u8 smartwatch and a Moto G4 with android 7.0 and I can link it by bluetooth, but I already tried all the applications from Bt notification (in all its versions), Smart Watch, Smart Watch Helper, Mediatek SmartDevice, Smart Wear. Those are the applications that I tried and nothing, all of them, I get an error, some of the applications as connected but when a notification arrives on the cell phone, the application marks an error and closes unexpectedly.
    What dou you recommend.
    Now connect the Smart Watch with another cell phone with android 5.0 lollipop and with the Bt notification app (the one that asks for the smart Watch) and it connects perfectly ………

  50.   D. Merida said

    Good afternoon Francisco, I bought the Kingwear kw88 and I have problems connecting my watch with my Samsung galaxy note 4. I have followed your video tutorial, but I cannot pair them with the Android wear application that does not recognize my watch, I already had it installed With my old watch, the Sony smartwatch 3, the Android wear application and I know it, and I can't get the kw88 to appear on my note to link it. Would you have any other way to link it?
    Thank you very much and greetings, I am a follower of yours on your YouTube channel.

  51.   antonio said

    Hi, I'm from Panama, I stopped your great page, I have a problem and I want to know if you could help me I have a manbo 2 watch from the lifesense company but I bought it in China now I have a problem with the app and I could not get a compatible one, and downloaded the What does the company give and nothing can you help me thank you

  52.   jose silva said

    It will not let me download the application and pass the code, it tells me, nor is the element found

  53.   pelayo said

    I have the dz09 smartwatch recently I have put a mobile card on it and I do not get the internet to download whatsapp, facebook and twitter

  54.   Carlos said

    Hello, I have bought a DZ09 and I have tried all the applications that I know to be able to read the text of the whatsapp since it warns me of the notification and who sends it but the text is blank. I understand that in that smartwatch Yes you can see the text of the notifications, in fact some. Video I have seen. In my oneplus one I have the lineage os version of Android installed. I would like to know if there is any solution to solve the issue. Thanks

  55.   Rebecca Chambers said

    Hello, hopefully you can help me, I have the dz09 watch and a Moto g5plus, I downloaded the application and everything was fine but when the applications were installed (the applications that I have on the phone already appear so that the notification can reach me), the clock appears as disconnected, that is, it is connected by bluetooth and in the phone's settings it appears but not in the app, how can I solve it?

  56.   Laura said

    I have a problem with a U8, when I change the language to Spanish the day of the date always appears on Monday, the days pass and the number of the date is fine but the day is still Monday, in English the date works perfectly for me and if change. HELP !!!!!!!

  57.   George said

    My question is that I revive notifications but if I revive calls, I can only take them with the watch, not on the phone ...

  58.   rafael said

    I have a dz09 but it sticks a lot and I have to be removing the battery for it to restart, what I notice is that the battery is inflated and it has false contact.

    Does anyone know if the stack influences it to crash?

  59.   Yanire said

    I do not know if someone can help me with my p70 smartwatch, I am used to using the WHATSAPP PLUS for the themes and all that, but my watch does not receive the messages with that whats, it has to be the Original WhatsApp to be able to receive notifications.
    Does anyone know of an app or something to let me receive the whats with the WHATSAPP PLUS?


  60.   pigeon cross said

    Hello, could you help me, on my smartwatch it does not appear that it has Bluetooth or the icon to activate it, but on my cell phone the T500 appears, what can I do?

    1.    daniplay said

      Good Paloma, you have Bluetooth in the device settings, it may not be activated, to do this go to settings (clock configuration), Bluetooth option and activate it.