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Androidsis is an AB Internet website. On this website we take care to share all the news about Android, the most complete tutorials and analyze the most important products in this market segment. The team of writers is made up of passionate about the Android world, in charge of telling all the news in the sector.

Since it was launched in 2008, Androidsis has become one of the reference websites in the Android smartphone sector.

Androidsis editorial team is made up of a group of Android technology experts. If you also want to be part of the team, you can send us this form to become an editor.


  • Francisco Ruiz

    Born in Barcelona, ​​Spain, I was born in 1971 and I am passionate about computers and mobile devices in general. My favorite operating systems are Android for mobile devices and Linux for laptops and desktops, although I do quite well on Mac, Windows, and iOS. Everything I know about these operating systems I have learned in a self-taught way, accumulating more than ten years of experience in the world of Android mobile devices!


  • Aaron Rivas

    Writer and editor specialized in Android and its gadgets, smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, and everything geek-related. I ventured into the world of technology since I was a child and, since then, knowing more about Android every day is one of my most pleasant jobs.

  • daniplay

    I started with Android with an HTC Dream back in 2008. My passion started from that year, having had more than 25 phones with this operating system. Today I study application development for different systems, including Android.

  • Nerea Pereira

    My first phone was an HTC Diamond to which I installed Android. From that moment I fell in love with the Google operating system. And, while I combine my studies, I enjoy my great passion: mobile telephony.

  • Rafa Rodriguez Ballesteros

    Hooked and bundled since ... always! with the Android world and all the incredible ecosystem that surrounds it. I test, analyze and write about smartphones and all kinds of Android compatible gadgets, accessories and devices. Trying to be "on", learn and keep abreast of all the news.

  • Juan Martinez

    I am a technology and video game enthusiast. For more than 10 years I have been working as a writer on topics related to PCs, consoles, Android phones, Apple and technology in general. I like to always stay up to date and aware of what the main brands and manufacturers are doing, as well as review tutorials and play to get the most out of each device and its operating system.

  • Miguel Hernandez

    Analyzing all types of Android devices since 2010. It is important to know in depth the technological advances to be able to transmit them to the readers. "Not everything is specifications, in mobiles there must be an experience" - Carl Pei.

  • Miguel Rios

    Graduated as a Geodesta engineer, University Professor, passionate about technology, programming and the development of Android apps.

  • Thalia Wohrmann

    Our world is increasingly technological, so I consider it important to be up to date and know how to use the tools we have properly. I hope to be able to help you with my extensive knowledge of various applications, programs and technological systems that are very present in our day to day.

  • lucia knight

    Hello good!! My name is Lucía, I'm 20 years old and I'm a third-year criminology student. From a very young age I have been passionate about reading, so years later I decided to start in the world of writing. I currently work as a copywriter when requested. I am also a content creator for social networks, since it is also another world that I love. The topic that I am going to write about here will be everything related to technology, specifically, Android. I think it is good to be informed about these issues since they are the order of the day. Without a good mobile operating system, today it would be very difficult for us to adapt to the society in which we live. Going on to talk about the experience I have, I can say that I worked a few years ago in the multinational distribution chain Carrefour, where I was posted for a while in the field of mobile telephony.

Former editors

  • Manuel Ramirez

    An Amstrad opened the doors of technology to me and so I have been writing about Android for more than 8 years. I consider myself an Android expert and I love testing the different devices that incorporate this operating system.

  • Eder Ferreno

    Traveling, writing, reading and the cinema are my great passions, but none of them I would do if it is not on an Android device. Interested in the Google operating system since its inception, I love learning and discovering more about it, day by day.

  • Ignatius Hall

    Before entering the smartphone market, I had the opportunity to enter the fabulous world of PDAs managed by Windows Mobile, but not before enjoying, like a dwarf, my first mobile phone, an Alcatel One Touch Easy, mobile that allowed to change the battery for alkaline batteries. In 2009 I released my first Android-managed smartphone, specifically an HTC Hero, a device that I still have with great affection. Since now, many smartphones have passed through my hands, however, if I have to stay with a manufacturer today, I choose the Google Pixels.

  • Alfonso of Fruits

    Combining new technologies and my passion for Android, sharing my knowledge and experience about this OS while discovering more and more features of it, is an experience that I love.

  • Jose Alfocea

    I love being up to date on new technologies in general and on Android in particular. I am especially fascinated by its connection with the education sector and education, so I enjoy discovering apps and new functionalities of the Google operating system that are related to the sector.

  • Cristina torres

    I am passionate about Android. I think that everything good can be improved, that's why I spend a good part of my time getting to know and learn about this operating system. So I hope to help you perfect your experience with Android technology.

  • Elvis bucatariu

    Technology has always fascinated me, but the arrival of Android smartphones has only multiplied my interest in everything that is going on in the world. Researching, knowing and discovering everything new about Android is one of my passions.

  • Eder Ferreno

    Lover of technology in general and Android in particular. I love discovering new apps and games and sharing tricks with you. Editor for five years. I also write Android Guides, Android Help and Mobile Forum.

  • Amin Arasa

    As a fan of the world of technology, I have always been an unconditional admirer of the resistance and robustness of Nokia phones. Although, I also bought one of the first smartphones on the market in 2003. It was the controversial TSM100 and I loved its large full color touch screen. This was so, despite having a system full of errors and autonomy problems. My curiosity and self-learning helped me solve a large part of these problems, thanks to the installation of some updates. Since then, I have been an insatiable self-taught person who always seeks to get the most out of my electronic devices, such as my mobile phone with the Android operating system.

  • Cristian Garcia

    In love with Android that over the years has used different systems and smartphones. Since it was named after ice cream or dried fruit, I promised myself not to abandon Android. I love technology and keeping up with all the news.