Best Chinese smartwatches

Best Chinese smartwatches

You're thinking about renew your old smart watch for one with better features and a more modern and attractive design, but you don't want to be left with your pocket bare? Are you attracted to the idea of ​​having a smartwatch but you are still not very convinced that you are going to get the best of it and therefore you don't want to invest too much money in the experience? If you find yourself in either of these two situations, then you have come to the most suitable place.

Today in Androidsis we bring you a proposal with some of the best chinese smartwatches. Yes, I know that the vast majority of smart watches, mobile phones and other technological devices are of Chinese manufacture (or oriental in general), however here we refer to Chinese smartwatches made in China and marketed by brands that are from China. And also, as you can imagine, it is about smartwatch somewhat cheaper than usual, although I already tell you that we will not be guided too much by the price. Do you want to know what models we are talking about? Well, keep reading.

Chinese smartwatches for all budgets

At Androidsis we continue to be determined to show you the best products on the market and, above all, those that have a better value for money or, as in this case, Chinese smartwatches that tend to be cheaper. Obviously these are only proposals because, as you can imagine, we do not know absolutely all the models that exist on the market. In addition, every month new models are launched, updates to watches that already exist on the market, and even new brands that, not even dedicating one hundred percent of our time, we could examine, test and evaluate. Therefore, today we offer you a selection of the best chinese smartwatches Based on criteria such as their design, the material with which they have been manufactured, their resistance and autonomy, sensors and, ultimately, technical aspects that are quite objective to determine if a certain smartwatch can fit our needs, also here we show you how configure chinese smartwatch so you do not have problems as soon as you receive it. So, without further ado, let's get started.

No.1 D5 +

It probably doesn't sound like too much to you, however this No.1 D5 + es one of the best options in terms of value for money that you can find in the current market and, most importantly, highly valued by those who use it.

The No.1 D5 + has an elegant yet informal design, metal body and with a 1,3-inch IPS screen and 360 x 360 resolution. Inside it houses a Mediatek MTK6580 processor accompanied by 1 GB of RAM memory and 8 GB storage internal. Weighing just 78 grams, enough to include a 450 mAh battery With which you can last the whole day although, of course, that will radically depend on the greater or lesser use you give to your watch. Another of its most outstanding features is that it includes a SIM card slot, that is, it offers 3G connectivity so you can use it even if your smartphone stays at home. GPS, heart rate sensor are some of the components that complete this smartwatch that, in addition, is dust and water resistant.

NeeCoo V3

It is possible that some of you think that I have toasted with the No.1 D5 + but really, it is one of the best Chinese smartwatches, although it is not exactly the cheapest. To compensate we are going to make the leap to a much cheaper option but of good quality, the NeeCoo V3, a smart watch with a very elegant design compatible with both Android devices and iPhone, also made of metal (magnesium and aluminum alloy) with a leather strap and a 1,3-inch IPS screen with 240 x 240 resolution, Bluetooth 4.0, 380 mAh battery. It weighs only 64 grams and although it is not waterproof, it has a reasonable price of less than seventy euros. With it you can monitor all your physical activity, receive notifications and much more.


Another fabulous option, especially for those who have more doubts about having or not having a smart watch and who also have a tighter budget, is this MallTEK what can you get for just 25 euros. Its resemblance to the Apple Watch is evident and although it does not reach the quality and performance of that, it has features as interesting as mobile connectivity. Yes, this MallTEK can be used with a SIM card, leaving the smartphone aside, but it also offers a 1,54-inch screen with 240 x 240 resolution. 380 mAh battery, camera and only weighs 62 grams. Do you want to enter the world of smartwatch? Well, this is a good option that you have available in three finishes, silver, black and pink.


But if you are fascinated by the design of the apple clock and you are not willing to spend what the Cupertino people ask for, this IWO 3 yes it is a true clone of the Apple Watch, including that Digital Crown on the side. It is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and has a 1,54-inch IPS screen and 240 x 240 resolution. Inside it has a MediaTek MTK2502C processor accompanied by 138 MB of RAM, 64 MB of storage and battery of 350 mAh. It is evident that it is much inferior in hardware and software to the Apple Watch, but it is quite logical considering its price. We insist, this is a Chinese smartwatch especially suitable for those who seek more design than functionality although you can also track your physical activity and receive notifications.


More complete is this other clone of the apple watch that even includes camera and mobile connectivity so you can continue using it even if you don't have your smartphone nearby. It is about the very little known No products found. which, with a price of just seventy euros, offers, in addition to the aforementioned, a 1,54-inch 2.5D IPS screen and a resolution of 240 x 240, 320 mAh battery, bluetooth 4.0, Mediatek MTK2502 processor and is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Lemfo Lem5

We now turn to talking about two Chinese smartwatches that may not be as cheap as the previous ones but that undoubtedly constitute two clear examples of the best Chinese smartwatches and, in fact, we have already talked about them on occasion.

We start with this LEMFO LEM5, a watch of robust appearance and circular design with three side buttons that reminds us a lot of those watches of a lifetime. It offers a 1,39-inch IPS screen and 400 x 400 resolution while at its heart it keeps a Mediatek MTK6580 processor accompanied by 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage internal so you can always carry a good amount of music with you. It weighs only 89 grams, enough to offer a 450 mAh battery y 3G connectivity so you can use it outside of your smartphone. It also includes GPS, heart rate sensor, and so on. Obviously, it is a watch of quality and performance much higher than the previous ones, more in the line of the No.1 D5 + with which we started this selection and therefore, its price is also higher.

Kingwear KW88

In the same line of quality as the previous one we find this No products found. However, this model is somewhat inferior in performance than the Lemfo Lem5 since it houses half the RAM and internal storage, 512 MB and 4 GB respectively. It also offers a slightly lower autonomy, 400 mAh battery but in his favor he has a 2 MP camera and a weight of only 65 grams that makes it somewhat lighter. The processor is the same, the Mediatek MTK6580 and it also has mobile connectivity.

Rwatch R11

If in addition to utility you are looking for elegance, this Rwatch R11 You can wear it at weddings and meetings without giving the blast. As you can see, it offers a very careful design, with quite classic and elegant shape and strap. It bears a certain resemblance to the Moto 360 and includes a good handful of features that will be sufficient for most users. Inside it houses a Mediatek MTK2501 processor, 128 MB of RAM, 64 MB of ROM with support for microSD up to 32 GB, NFC, bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, 450 mAh battery, heart rate sensor and is compatible with iPhone and with Android. Of course, be careful because it is NOT waterproof.

Rubility KW18

I'm sure this watch doesn't sound like anything to you, however it has a design that I love (especially in black) and a more than affordable price, just over fifty euros. Its about Rubility KW18, a round design Chinese smartwatch that weighs only 68 grams, three finishes, 1,3-inch screen, Mediatek MTK2502 processor accompanied by 64 MB of RAM, bluetooth 4.0, 340 mAh battery, heart rate sensor, compatible with iOS and with Android, waterproof, mobile connectivity, supports microSD card.


It is common that when we talk about Chinese smartwatches (or any other Chinese product) we tend to almost automatically think of cheap and poor quality products, however, as we have seen, this is more a popular belief than a reality. While it is true that Chinese smartwatches are generally cheaper, the range of prices and qualities is also very wide So the key lies in knowing why we are going to use our smart watch, if we are going to give it a very intensive daily use, if we need it to work independently of our smartphone, and so on.

What chinese smartwatch would you add to the list?

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  1.   Dean said

    I would add the amazift bip and pace which are sports watches and have good prices with GPS

  2.   IMN said

    And where is the Domino DM368 Plus? or the Finow X5 AIR? ...
    This article lacks a bit of research.

  3.   Ivo said

    The KW18 listed is not the original, it is the KingWear k1w8

  4.   Mercedes said

    Lemfo kW 10, I would love to be able to change them or can you? I ask?

  5.   angel of the valley said

    I'm looking for a SmartWatch, other than APPLE…. with ECG -Electrocardiogram- (clinically verified) I know that Xiaomi has one with this function capped like Samsung ...

    Thanks for your excellent page.

    Angel of the Valley

  6.   Jose Antonio said

    Can a 4G Smartwatch with a SIM card "give internet" for example to a computer such as a Mac mini via Wi-Fi ?.
    That is, if with a 4G Smartwatch with a SIM card, you can do the same as with a phone.