Where to buy Chinese mobiles

Where to buy the best Chinese phones

The quantity and variety of smartphones that we currently have available on the market is enormous. So much so that when we want or need to change our terminal it is common to get into a real mess since the prices are very varied. However, services of higher and lower quality are increasingly intermingled, and that line that separates the low, medium, high or premium range, is increasingly blurred.

For this reason, today in Androidsis We are not going to give you advice on how to buy the best Chinese mobile phones, nor about which smartphones are the best, or the cheapest, or those that offer better value for money. Today it does not matter what type of mobile phone you need, neither the one you want nor the one you will finally end up buying, because today what we are going to tell you is where to buy the best chinese phones market.

Debunking myths

Debunking Chinese myths

When we talk about Chinese mobile phones, many people still simply think of copies, counterfeits and devices of dubious quality. However, this market has evolved a lot and in most cases this is no longer the case.

Let's think for a moment about brands like Meizu, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo or Xiaomi. All of them are firms that, although not yet available in many countries, are admired and desired by a growing number of consumers.

The reason behind their success is simple: they have learned to manufacture quality devices but above all, have been able to combine good performance with much more advantageous prices than those offered by other more media brands such as Samsung or Apple.

On the other hand, talking about “copies” is a tricky business. It is evident that in the past, and even in the present, many brands are accused of copying others, However, is the rectangular shape a copy? Is the icon layout a copy? Are the rounded edges a copy? Well, she left it there.

Now, having put prejudices aside, let's see where to buy mobile phones, whether in China or Spain. Let's see.

Buy in Spain or buy in China?

Buy in Spain or China

When deciding where to buy the best Chinese mobiles, the big question is whether to do it in stores in Spain or in online stores in China. Basically, the difference between one or the other option affects the dimensions of the price and the guarantee, however, they are not the only aspects that we must consider:

  1. In Chinese online stores we will find the lower prices market.
  2. On the other hand, when buying in Chinese stores we run the risk that our product will be detained in customs, which will mean a payment that can be around 40 euros.
  3. When buying in Spain or in any EU country we are covered by the legislation of the Consumer rights. The most important thing is that we will have a minimum period of 14 days to return the product free of charge, and at least two years of guarantee for problems derived from manufacturing defects.
  4. And directly related to the above is the After-sales service. Can you imagine having to contact a Chinese seller located thousands and thousands of kilometers away within eight months?
  5. When we buy in China the shipping is usually slower, normally we will have to wait between thirty and up to sixty days to receive the product at home; If we make the purchase in Spain, we can have the new mobile phone the next day.

Once you value these differences, the decision is yours alone, but in any case, we We are going to show you some of the best places where you can buy the best Chinese mobile phones, both in Spain and abroad.

Stores in Spain with a European guarantee

Chinese mobile ulephone

As we said at the beginning, one of the main advantages of buying the best Chinese mobile phones in Spanish online stores (or located in any country within the framework of the European Union), is that we will have coverage of warranty for a minimum period of two years, as established by community consumer laws. In addition, we can make the return of a product at no cost and without having to give explanations within the first fourteen days of purchase (or the longer term established by the seller).

In return, prices are not usually that low How to buy on Chinese websites, however, we think that we already start from very advantageous manufacturer prices, we will have that guarantee that we have mentioned and also, we will receive our new mobile much earlier.

Best stores in Spain to buy Chinese mobile phones


Some of the main stores in Spain where you can buy the best Chinese mobiles are the following:

  • Amazon. Without a doubt, the online sales giant is one of the best places to buy our new mobile phone. Their prices are usually the most advantageous on the market and also, if you are a Prime user, you can have it at home completely free the next day. On Amazon you can find the greatest variety of the best Chinese mobile phones, and that is why it is the store that we usually recommend to you on most occasions.
  • Fnac is another one of the stores where you can acquire some of the best mobile phones on the market, including some Chinese ones. As with Amazon, if you are a member of this French chain you will have free shipping. One of its latest news is that it has become an official Xiaomi distributor, so if you want a mobile from this brand, it is a good place to look.
  • Media Markt It is another of the most important electronics, computer and telephone sellers. Also here you will be able to find a generous variety of Chinese mobile phones at a good price.
  • PC Components. Despite its name, this Spanish seller based in Alhama (Murcia) is one of the best-known online stores in our country, and also offers some Chinese mobile phones that you will have at home the next day.
  • Power Planet Online. And we still do not move from Murcia because in the towns of Alhama and Totana there is one of my favorite Chinese mobile phone sellers. They serve all of Spain, they have very advantageous prices, express shipping, their after-sales service is fantastic and they offer one of the largest varieties in Chinese mobiles and all kinds of accessories. I speak with experience. You can access directly from here.

Buy direct from China

Buy mobile phones from china

Buying the best Chinese mobiles directly from Chinese websites has a fundamental advantage that explains its success: in most cases, offer the best prices on the market. However, the disadvantages that we mentioned at the beginning are of such importance that we must be very aware of them. Therefore, I invite you to upload a few paragraphs again and review them carefully.

Best stores to buy Chinese mobile phones directly from China


That said, some of the most popular Chinese stores where you can buy the best Chinese mobile phones at the best price are:

  • AliExpress It is known as "the Chinese Amazon". In this Online store you will find practically any mobile phone (and almost everything you can imagine) at incredibly attractive prices. In addition, given their magnitude, they have gone to great lengths to offer security to buyers, although it is also true that many users would not share this opinion. But I do not want you to think that I am trying to insult these stores: on a personal basis, up to three times I have not received the product I had bought (including a Xiaomi router) and on all three occasions my money was returned without having to give further explanations.
  • Light In The Box It is another of the most popular Chinese online stores; ships to almost any country, including Spain, and your catalog it is really wide.
  • Cect Shop is a chinese mobile sales page with a huge catalog of devices that they distribute to a large number of countries, including Spain.
  • Bang Good a shop who usually launch incredible offers, many of which we have announced here. Without a doubt, it is one of the best options to buy the best Chinese mobiles if you decide to do it abroad. In addition, it has several warehouses in Europe so, if they have it in stock, you can have your new mobile at home sooner than expected.

Buy the best Chinese mobiles directly on the websites of their manufacturers

Buy Chinese phones

This is one of the safest options we have however, it is also one of the most difficult since still few Chinese manufacturers sell their terminals directly abroad, and those that do, are present in a very limited number of countries. Despite this, it is a good option, especially to access possible promotions or in case of requiring technical support.

Websites of Chinese mobile manufacturers


At present, some of the Chinese manufacturers that already have this service are the following:

  • Huawei. China's largest manufacturer has a online store in Spain where we can buy most of their products. In addition, you will be able to contact the after-sales service and even make returns within the stipulated terms and conditions.
  • As well Meizu makes shipments to practically everyone, although their stock is not always the best.
  • Another of the largest Chinese manufacturers, Oppo, has a Online store from which it makes shipments to different countries, including Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and also Spain.
  • You can also buy most terminals ZTE at their Online store in Spain.
  • With respect to Xiaomi, one of the most popular and internationally known Chinese manufacturers, at the moment only makes shipments to France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. The main reason for this limitation is the patent problems that you might encounter in other regions.
  • Ulefone, a Chinese firm that stands out with mobile phones with very good features and prices that are surprisingly low. It also has page in english from which it serves different countries, including Spain.

Now that you know the main advantages and the most notable drawbacks when buying the best Chinese mobile phones directly from Chinese online stores or in Spain. The decision is yours alone: Do you prefer guarantee and speed of delivery or do you prefer a more advantageous price and are you able to arm yourself with patience?

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  1.   Javier Mesa said

    Hi, I bought my Blackview BV 8000 (6Gb of RAM, great mobile) directly in Spain at http://www.movileschinosespana.com, a good option also for your list, since they are Blackview and Xiaomi Agents. Greetings

  2.   Maria Victoria said

    My experience in Powerplanetonline, months ago I bought a xiaomo Mi A1, and they took more than the account, I had to renew all the courier because my shipment did not appear, and powerplanet did not provide me with a tracking number, it arrived late but it arrived, day 5/10 / 2018, I ask for a tablet, day 8 they communicate shipping, day 9 in follow-up appears with incidence, day 10 they give me an empty box, the transport company says that they give me what powerplanet sends, if it is an empty box ... Well, a Empty box… .. I am claiming and neither tipsa nor powerplanet are responsible I lost € 200 thanks to powerplanet …… By the way they don't answer the phone, there is but there is a permanent recording, the emails, when they want they answer you, when they don't want…. No. If you are lucky and it comes to you, great if something goes wrong… .. Look for your life, I will never buy from them again, and if you share it with another store…. Nor will I buy, thieves between one and the other.