How to use WhatsApp with Android Auto

The WhatsApp service on Android Auto

When using the WhatsApp messaging app in your car with Android Auto, there are a few things to consider. On the one hand, the way to synchronize the vehicle to be able to have the messaging functions, and on the other, the limitations of this adapted version.

The application of meta messaging allows you to listen to audio messages and can also read text messages to you. It is a variant to be connected while we drive safely, but without losing what happens with our contacts and conversation groups. Step by step, we will tell you how to use Android Auto and WhatsApp in a safe and practical way.

WhatsApp notifications on Android Auto

The operation of Android Auto duplicates WhatsApp notifications, showing both on the mobile and on the car screen. At the top of the interface, you will see that a notification has arrived. They are pop-up notifications and we will only have a few seconds to read them before they are hidden.

The WhatsApp notifications on Android Auto they are relatively easy to miss, as the key when driving is to keep your eyes on the road. Also, a long message is not displayed in its entirety. But there are special functions to be able to listen to the messages and not lose important information.

To listen to the messages, what you have to do is touch the pop-up window. The Google Assistant and it will ask you if you want it to read the content of the written message to you. You can also choose to reply to the message and send it immediately.

By being attentive to the route, we will not always be able to press on the pop-up window. But Android Auto has a special button for notifications that displays all the ones we've been receiving. Then you can press the Read aloud button to have the assistant narrate the different notifications to you.

It is important to mention that neither of these options is optimal. Both require you to manipulate the car's screen and this involves taking your eyes off the road for even a fraction of a second. In any case, it is still better than manipulating the mobile phone to respond and pay attention to messages.

You can also use the OK Google function, read my messages. In this way you can listen to the messages that have arrived or activate the options for WhatsApp messaging directly from the car audio system.

How to use WhatsApp from the car

The WhatsApp messaging application does not have its own version on the Android Auto system. But through one of the latest 2021 updates, the car allows you to send messages from the applications menu.

What we have to do is give WhatsApp permission to link with the Android Auto app. This simple step enables the main functions:

  • Choose the message to send as an automatic response while driving.
  • Edition of messages by means of voice commands.
  • Select recipients of your messages.

How WhatsApp works on Android Auto

The steps to link WhatsApp in your car

In order to configure the Android Auto application and messaging, we are first going to activate the Google Assistant.

  • We open the Google Application Settings and choose Search, Assistant and Voice.
  • We say the command “Ok Google. read my messages
  • Confirm permissions for the app to use these resources.

Mute messages

Another option that we can activate through voice commands is to silence conversations. When a new notification arrives we have a button that allows us to silence new messages, it is a bell with a bar that crosses out its sound.

At notifications section you can also press the mute button in a specific conversation. In case you change your mind, notifications can also be reactivated by pressing on the Android Auto section.

What can't you do with Android Auto?

The functions of the WhatsApp application from the car manager are not yet fully developed. There are numerous features of instant messaging that are not enabled. For example, you cannot listen to audio messages, nor see stickers, photos or videos and animated GIFs.

Also, Android Auto does not allow you to make calls or video calls through WhatsApp. In case any contact calls you while using Android Auto, you won't even get a notification. This is, in part, to improve attention and safety behind the wheel. In the event that a call arrives, the user may be distracted.


Android Auto and its combination with WhatsApp it is a project in development. It remains to be seen what the scope of an app is that at times can be very useful to always be in touch, but at the same time it can generate distractions. The need to be in permanent contact should never take precedence over integrity and safety behind the wheel. Surely the development of the project has these security issues in mind.

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