Weird things on Google Maps: know several of them

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It is one of the most used Google applications over time due to the many functions available, you can also save some headaches on the roads. Google Maps is a program that if you start using it you can get the most out of some of the available functions, which are hundreds within our reach.

Like any of the company's apps, it hides an Easter egg, as well as other things, which will attract a lot of your attention. After a long time of testing, we have been discovering things that over time have been feelingdo pointed out by people and engineers throughout its usability, which has been quite a lot in this time.

In this article we will show all the weird things on google maps, many of them will seem funny to you, others with little sense, among other tips. The same thing happens with Waze, one of the apps that stands up to an application that has been enjoying success for a long time, but which cannot give up seeing other apps appear in the Play Store.

Google Maps, the Swiss Army knife for delivery people and travelers


It is normal to see Maps being used by road drivers, also if you decide to take a trip and need to go to the specific address without much detour. In many cases you can use the maps offline, a method that will save data, important if you have little mobile data and use specific locations.

It is important to have the latest version, adding Lite as an alternative if you have a phone considered low-end or with few resources. Since the Play Store is usually updated, it is true that it usually does this little, despite this you can go through it from time to time, weeks, since it does not receive many revisions.

The latest news from Google Maps is to see the city in a different wayIt is an immersive view with perfect quality in case you need to see enlarged areas, such as streets, apartments, and even restaurants. It's one of the many things it implements, in addition to a layer where rendering plays a trick, see the flow of cars and more.

human pigeons

bird head japan

In Japan, specifically in one location we can see some human pigeons, they do it as if they had a mask and all this in a really quite presentable way. Specifically, it is on the Greenway of the Tamagawa Aqueduct, which is a site that is really quite visited by many people who travel from another point.

Said coordinate will take you there, you also have what is the fixed image, always showing a fixed photograph, that if you move you will also see it. Tamagawa is one of the Japanese areas that have become famous for this and other things, also for their houses, which are undoubtedly beautiful in this sense.

Put the next coordinate, which in the end is a complete address, which will take you to them, click on this link and wait for it to fully charge. For the rest, you can take a screenshot of it and be able to share it if you want with anyone close to you, by WhatsApp, email, among others.

One of the famous alleys from Harry Potter

Diagon Alley

It is probably that you do not know it, despite this, Diagon Alley is one of the things that you can see through Google Maps whenever you visit the location. This coordinate appeared for the first time a few years ago and has been maintained, despite the fact that it disappeared for a while for the love of art, although it returned after some time away.

Just writing a direct address will take you there, just getting to that point, on the other hand you have to load it. If, on the contrary, you want to see others, what is necessary is that you go little by little and make captures, which are the ones we will have and can share in any service.

Press on this link, it will take you to the coordinate of this alley called Diagon, this is beautiful and on top of that it could be a place where different things are filmed, including the best-known movies. Many series have also been seeing how different characters are preferred.

The Stig in Loch Ness

The Stig

As strange as it may seem, it is a person who appeared and disappeared, at least the first thing is surprising and striking. It is important to say on the other hand that the image does not deceive the eye and for the moment it is not real, rather it is something that they have put and it is usable in the Google Maps application.

Loch Ness is known for the monster, but it is also an easter egg that is available to you if you click on link and takes you directly to the image. It is not suitable for those who have a rather small heart, recommended if you want to directly view this and share it on the networks. It appears and disappears.

The Strange Street View Window

It is one of the most striking windows of Street View, it is located in the United States and it is one of the truly most striking locations in the country. It is in Chicago (United States), you can visualize and be surprised, especially if you have not seen it before, since it is not a reflection of anything.

After a while it disappeared, plus it required a few steps to view it. Recommended at least that those who live there do not see it, since they would get a pretty big scare. The route after this has been changing.

The Cartagena naval base, one of them

A mysterious place is the Cartagena naval base, writing the code (coordinate, 37.6587100, -1.0134399) you have access to the site with some point varied from the real one. In Murcia it is one of the points to consider, but it is not the only one, you can also take a screenshot in case you need to share the photo.

Said base is one of the important things about the city and it is also important about Google Maps. Write the coordinate and wait for it to load, to go to it.

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