It is now possible to warn of potholes and other dangers in Waze

Waze will warn you about potholes on the road

Informing other users of certain road hazards is now possible with Waze. Whether you are driving or planning your next travel route, you can use the Waze map and discover what is happening thanks to the community of drivers. I explain to you How can you give notices in Waze and improve the experience of other drivers.

With Waze you can warn other drivers about roadworks or potholes

Waze app

All of us who are drivers know of some street or road where we have to go slower than usual because there is a pothole that can play tricks on us. Also, many of us have driven through places we don't know and we have been surprised: sinkholes without warning, poorly paved roads or unexpected works.

And we will no longer have to look for apps that tell us where there are traffic jams. Luckily, the app that helps you behind the wheel Waze has released an update in its latest version that allows us to share alerts about these situations. This is something that the community has wanted for a long time since it was present in other apps like Social Drive and similar, but not in Waze.

We can do this using voice commands so that, if we are on the road while observing an unexpected situation, we can notify other drivers instantly. Now, this feature will not be useful if we are using Waze offline since it depends on real-time data provided by the community.

You should also know that These notices disappear after a certain time, specifically when the rest of the community indicates that that incident is no longer found. Which leads me to tell you that you can remove false notices or those that are no longer there. But, what ads do you find in Waze?

What notices can I send in Waze?

Road warnings with Waze

You should know that there is many different types of notices in Waze. The warnings you can give have to do with certain dangers on the road such as disabled traffic lights, construction sites, potholes, objects on the road, etc. But they can also be about the weather, lanes blocked due to accidents (you can even say specifically which lane is blocked) or errors on the map. These are some of the notices you can send in Waze.

  • Dangers or Incidents.
  • Traffic.
  • Police.
  • Accidents
  • Climatological incidents.
  • Blocked streets.

Your username will appear within the notice to prevent false notices from being made. These notices, if identified as false, may lead to the suspension of this functionality. For this reason, we recommend that you specify each of these types of warnings so that they can provide better warning than other users on the road can find.

As you can see, it can be used in a thousand ways so, so that you know how to use it from now on, I will explain it to you. How can you use this feature to share alerts on Waze?.

How to share notices on Waze

How to share notices on Waze

Before explaining how to share notices, I must recommend that you try to stop the car in a suitable place if you are going to handle the mobile phone to make this type of notices in Waze. Besides, It is advisable have the app configured in advance for proper use.

And I must tell you that Only report incidents that you see in real time now that you must make the notifications as close to the incident itself. If you move too far away from the incident while sending it, your notification will not occur to avoid misuse of the new functionality. Now let's see how it's done.

  1. Start the Waze app.
  2. Press the "Notice" symbol represented by a yellow triangle with a "+" inside.
  3. Select the type of incident found.
  4. If you want to be more specific, you can specify the type of danger in the route.
  5. Tap Notify, but you can also wait a few seconds since Waze sends it automatically to save you confusion.

And that's it, the notifications of incidents that you have encountered during your trip will have already been sent. But remember that it is necessary to notify immediately and that You can use the notifications through voice commands to avoid distractions. This way you will not endanger your safety on the road.

Remember Share this information with those you know who work on the road or who usually travel, you will surely help them avoid accidents with the car or motorcycle.

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