Update WhatsApp

Update WhatsApp

Keeping applications updated to the latest version is always important. However, not a few users are wary of updating applications due to possible operating problems. Others do not have the application updates simply due to ignorance, therefore, we are going to teach you everything you should know about update WhatsApp.

Surely you are one of those who has wanted install WhatsApp for free as soon as the mobile is brand new, therefore, it is important to have the latest updated version of WhatsApp, not only because we are missing the news that they have included in each specific version, but because the updates also carry news at the security level, and privacy is important, especially when we want to save viruses on Android such as those that include us advertising on WhatsApp.

How to update WhatsApp on Android

The Android case is quite similar, simply entering Google Play Store we can update the application, since the first page will show us which applications have an update available and that is where you can update WhatsApp for Android.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: Whatsapp LLC
Price: Free

Of course though download whatsapp APK it is possible from any of the usual sources, it will be updated if we install it.

I can't update WhatsApp

Error updating WhatsApp
There are many reasons why we will not be able to update WhatsApp, depending on what platform we are using. In the case of Android, we are going to include the most popular reasons why we obtain a error updating Whastapp:

If you see the error code 413, 481, 491, 492, 921, 927 or 941, Do the following:

  • Delete your Google account: go to Settings > Accounts > Google > select your account and delete it
  • Restart your device to add your Google account again.
  • Clear the application cache: Settings> Applications> Google Play Store> Clear cache and Clear data.

I can't update WhatsApp due to lack of space

If you come across the error 101, 498 or 910 it is known as “Not enough storage space”, For this the first step is to clear the cache as we have indicated previously. If you still can't, you will have no choice but to delete files found in the following sections within the device storage:

  • The videos folder is located at: / WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Videos / Sent.
  • The images folder is located at: / WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Images / Sent.
  • The voice messages folder is located at: / WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Voice Notes.

Another common error is the "Invalid package file ”, for this we must download the WhatsApp .apk directly from the official website of the application, then we will go to the Android Settings, to navigate to "Security" and once there, we will activate "Unknown sources". Now we just have to go back to the download folder and install WhatsApp again in its latest version.

How to update WhatsApp for free

No problem, whatever method you use, WhatsApp is totally free, so don't worry, renew WhatsApp for free It is also a possibility, so do not worry about any update, the WhatsApp service will be free for life.

Therefore, we remind you that you should be suspicious of any provider that tries to make you make a payment in exchange for a WhatsApp subscription, since we can confirm that the application and its use is completely free, beyond the payment to our operator in exchange for our data plan.

Update WhatsApp Plus

In the case of WhatsApp modifications, we have to go to the download of the .APK of Whatsapp Plus to be able to renew it. Therefore, to update WhatsApp Plus we must go to the provider, re-download the latest available version of the WhatsApp mod and follow the developer's instructions. In this LINK we will find all the versions and of course the latest updates of WhatsApp Plus, so we will only have to download the .apk and reinstall it on top of WhatsApp Plus already installed.

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp has become the instant messaging application that millions of people use in their day to day, so it is essential that you be able to update whatsapp to the latest version, as this will provide you with performance improvements, new functionalities and will solve possible security problems that may put your privacy at risk.

Why is it important to have WhatsApp updated?

Every so often, WhatsApp is updated. The messaging application then introduces a series of improvements, such as new functions. Although there may also be improvements in operation or safety. Therefore, when such a new version is available, it is important to update.

There are several reasons why it is important keep the app up to date. On the one hand, to have access to all the new functions and improvements that come to it. In case of not updating, you cannot enjoy them. And many of the new features allow you to make better use of WhatsApp.

On the other hand, as we have said, security improvements are also introduced. In this way, having the new version, you are protecting yourself against possible threats. Thus, your Android phone is less vulnerable to possible attacks, viruses or any other threat that is at the time. The application can be a gateway to our phone in this type of situation.

You can update WhatsApp from Google Play, looking for the application profile. You can also search for the update from your Android phone, in the applications section look for the app and force the search for an update. Although most updates are usually automatic. So you don't have to do anything to get them.

How to update WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has its own version for the computer, call WhatsApp Web. As with the version for smartphones, it is updated with new functions. Although, many users may not know how to update this version of the app.

Normally, when an update is available, you are going to receive a notification. So the normal thing is that you simply have to click on the link that appears on the screen. Thus, you already have access to the update of this version. But, if this method does not work or you have not received this notification, there is another, very simple and fast way to get it.

You have to enter the next page. Pair your phone with it and open the app on the phone. In the web you get a QR code, that you are going to have to read it with your phone. This will update WhatsApp Web immediately. You can now enjoy the new version.

How to be a beta tester and test the latest version of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has a beta version, which will allow you to test before anyone else all the new functions that come to it. If you want, you can become a beta tester of the application. Being able to do it is something really simple. There are just a few steps to follow.

First you have to enter the WhatsApp Beta page, which you can access this link. Inside, you will be asked to log into your Google account. Then it will appear on the screen a button that says "Become a tester". All you have to do is click on that button. In this way, you are already a beta tester.

When you have done this, you should download the most recent version of the application available. Then go to the Play Store. There, in the WhatsApp profile, you can see that you are already a beta tester, under the name of the application. Following, update the app on your phone Android. With these steps you are already a beta tester and you will be able to test these news that come to the messaging app.

How to update WhatsApp with APK without Google Play

You may have the WhatsApp APK, which you have downloaded outside of Google Play. It is possible for users whose phone is not supported. In this case, the process of updating the application is somewhat different.

Since we do not have access to the file on Google Play as usual. Luckily, WhatsApp itself helps us in the process. On its website We have a section for Android devices, which you can access through this link. This is where you can download the APK.

We find the WhatsApp APK, of the most recent version of the app. Therefore, download the file on your phone Android and proceed to update it in that way. If you have an old version of the operating system, which for example no longer supports Google Play, it is the best way. Besides being safe.

Can automatic WhatsApp updates be activated?

When you install WhatsApp on your Android phone, the application usually comes with automatic updates. It may not be like that in your case, or that at a certain point you will configure it differently. The advantage of automatic updates is that you don't have to do anything. Therefore, if you want to activate them, it is very simple.

Enter the Play Store application on your Android phone. Next, display the left menu and enter the first section, which is called "My applications and games”. Next, from the upper tabs, click on installed. The applications you have on your phone will be displayed in a list.

Search and enter WhatsApp in that list. Once inside the app's profile, click on the three vertical dots that appear in the upper right part of the screen. When you do this, several options appear on the screen. The last one is the automatic updates. If the square is blank, press and a green symbol will appear.

In this way, you have activated automatic updates of WhatsApp. The next time the app has an update available, you won't have to do anything. It will update automatically.