Tricks to make Google Maps go faster on your old mobile

Tricks to improve the performance of Google Maps on basic mobile phones

Technology advances and with it come new Smartphone models. However, their prices can be a little high which leads you to make the decision to continue with your old or basic mobile. But this does not mean that you cannot use Google geolocation applications and services – for example – and that is why we show you some Tricks to make Google Maps go faster on your old mobile.

Normally a basic mobile phone has support for these applications such as Google Maps, but their performance is not the same. Let's see how to improve this situation by following a series of tips that we will show you below.

Recommendations for using Google Maps on cheap or basic mobile phones and maintaining their performance

Google Maps on cheap mobile phones

When we keep our Low quality smartphones and we are going to use applications like Google Maps, speed may be compromised. Performance certainly has nothing to do with the application, on the contrary, the quality of this tool is not in question. However, to function properly and at its maximum, it requires a series of requirements that your basic mobile phone lacks.

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Don't worry, if there is no budget to change your low-quality smartphones for one of a higher standard, here we will tell you What to do to enjoy Google Maps to the fullest. Let's know what are the recommendations to follow in these cases:

Clear app data

Clear Google Maps cache on low-quality Smartphones

All applications after being used store data in their history, with the intention of accessing them another time. In the case of Google Maps, it stores information about places visited, routes traveled and other elements that are used to speed up the loading process of the app. I mean, yes you delete the application data, cache and temporary memory after using it, every time you activate it it will take a while to start.

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Although it is a double-edged sword, it is undoubtedly a good strategy to improve the performance of Google Maps in cheap mobiles. To do it on your Android Smartphone you must follow a series of steps that we mention below:

  • Open Android "settings".
  • Enter the “applications” section and search for Google Maps.
  • In the “storage” section you will see the buttons to “clear cache” and “clear data”.
  • Press one first and then the other to see how all stored data is deleted.
  • When you use the app again it will open slowly, but it will perform much more than before.

Use the lite version of Google Maps

Google Maps Go is the lite or light version of the application. Is about the same GPS navigation app, but it has been specially designed to perform better on cheap or basic mobile phones, with limited memory. This version comes installed by default on certain Android Oreo devices, but you can download it directly from the Google Play Store and here is a direct link to the app marketplace:

Google Maps Go
Google Maps Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

GPS navigation app updates

When we have a low-quality smartphone and we see an update message in the notification bar, the first thing we think is "What should we delete first?" In these cases the ideal is cancel the update process and return to the original version of Google Maps and for this we must do the following:

  • Enter the Android "settings".
  • Look for the "applications" section.
  • Locate the Google Maps app and press the “uninstall updates” button.
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Although this action is not recommended by Google, after doing it the application will not receive more updates. That is, if there are changes, new elements are added, functions are removed, or the developers execute other actions, they will not be visible.

Use the web version of Google Maps

Use the Web version of Google Maps on cheap mobile phones

Use the web version of Google Maps There is no fault, it just consumes your mobile data. Also, it is not as complete as the mobile version for Android, but it will take you to a destination if you want. This option is the best way to continue using these GPS navigation apps, if you have a basic or cheap mobile phone.

Android phones
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It is best to try to buy a cheap cell phone, but with high quality standards. On the market you can find several affordable options that support Google Maps correctly and other high-performance apps. What basic mobile phone do you use and how have you done with these tricks?

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