TIMEKETTLE Translator Earbuds WT2, review and features

WT2 Edge cover

Today we come for Androidsis with a more than interesting review about a new product. When we try new products so often, it becomes increasingly difficult to come across something truly new that catches our attention, and this, without a doubt, is one of these cases. We have been able to try something that we have had in our sights for a long time, the new TIMEKETTLE WT2 Edge, the evolution of wireless headphones.

The WT2 Edge Timekettle translator headphones have been created to offer us something we had not seen before, because there was no product like this. We are before the first headphones capable of offering us simultaneous translation at the time. The difficulties that we could encounter when communicating in other languages ​​have just gone down in history.

Unboxing of the TIMEKETTLE Translator Earbuds WT2 Edge

We look inside the box of these headphones so special and that they have managed to attract our attention so much. A priori, we find the charging case of the headphones, with the headphones themselves inside. But in this case we have numerous extra accessories, something less common than we would like. Accessories that we do not find in any other headphones, some of them clearly due to the use for which they have been designed. You can now get yours TIMEKETTLE Translator Earbuds WT2 Edge on Amazon with free shipping.

TIMEKETTLE Translator Earbuds WT2 Edge unboxing

We have the cable required for battery charging, in this case with format USB Type C. We also found a small box with two pairs of silicone protectors for the inside of the headphones, which may be due to hygienic reasons, since for its use we can share it with other people when having a conversation in different languages.

In addition, we have other headset holding accessory. A kind of ribbon rubber, also silicone, cwith which to hook the headphones behind the ear and make sure they didn't suffer any falls. Another element is a very complete user guide to get the most out of this fantastic translation tool, something useful and necessary in this case.

This is what the Translator Earbuds WT2 are like

El physical appearance that show the WT2 Edge matches what we could expect from wireless headphones to use. Even in design we can find reasonable similarities in the market. They really are wireless headphones with bluetooth connectivity, but we will not use them for what the others are used for. Physically we are facing in-ear headphones without the uncomfortable “rubber bands” inside the ear, with a size within the usual average.

TIMEKETTLE Translator Earbuds WT2 Edge handheld

Model black color shows an elegant appearance and its materials seem to be of good quality. He case load presents a format with front opening. In it, the headphones are placed downwards, and thanks to the magnetic pins they remain fixed for charging. Count with one USB Type-C format charging port. Buy yours now TIMEKETTLE Translator Earbuds WT2 Edge on Amazon with fast shipping.

Looking at the headset itself, The part that faces inside the ear has the shape of Apple headphones. With this format so studied for the anatomy of our ears, we also make sure to have a perfect, movement-proof hold or for use while doing sports activity. 

TIMEKETTLE Translator Earbuds WT2 Edge with case

The part of the headphones that faces out, has a flat shape, and we can say that it fits perfectly with the anatomy of the ear, without protruding excessively. In this part It has an LED that will change color depending on the battery level, or the use that we are making of them.

What do the TIMEKETTLE Translator Earbuds WT2 Edge offer us?

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. Earbuds WT2 Edge They have turned out to be extraordinary wireless headphones, in the most literal sense of its definition. What we can do with them, far from what we can imagine when we see them, is very different from what we expected. We find good battery, connectivity, good volume level, fast synchronization, But we won't be able to listen to our music with them. It seems nonsense, but they have not been created for the same purpose as 99% of the headphones on the market.

With WT2 Edge Earbuds we can have a conversation in two different languages, a simultaneous translator in your ear like we have not seen before. A translation tool that is an incredible evolution for communication. Languages ​​are no longer a problem if we connect these incredible headphones. 

TIMEKETTLE Translator Earbuds WT2 Edge hand case

Thanks to an advanced language detection and instant translation software, communication has advanced with giant steps. Being able to speak in your language with another person who speaks another language, and that both understand each other perfectly, simultaneously. This is what the WT2 Edge Earbuds offer us, almost nothing, a real blast. Get yours now TIMEKETTLE Translator Earbuds WT2 Edge on Amazon, without shipping costs.

Translation speed for fluid conversation

TIMEKETTLE offer a translation speed ranging from half a second to a maximum of three seconds for the answer. The first time you try them and see first-hand how they work it seems like science fiction. At last you will be able to watch a foreign series in its original version without the need for subtitles, the possibilities are enormous.

Count on autonomy of up to 3 hours of continuous use, which with the charges offered by the case extends up to 12 hours. Qwe will be able to use them without the need for connection to the internet or consume mobile data. In the memory of the TIMEKETTLE Translator Earbuds WT2 Edge We find pre-recorded up to 8 languages that we can use it offline just by turning them on.

Connected to the internet Through the App the possibilities are expanded to up to 40 languages, with recognition of their different accents. The implementation of AI through Hybrid Con technology, they make us have impressive fluency in communication.

Different modes of translation

  1. Mode press to speak and/or translate, that simple, that incredible.
  2. Listening mode. We select through the App from what language to what language we want the translation. Simply We listen in the chosen language and it reaches our ears immediately translated into our language. Also The App makes a transcription of everything we have heard that we can record in writing. A super useful tool for important meetings or calls.
  3. A headset for each interlocutor with fast translation for fluent conversation. We select the corresponding mode in the App and We will be able to assign to each headset the language in which it is spoken and the language to which it must be translated.. Its operation is really amazing.
  4. Speaker mode. We will use our cell phone so that What we say in our language can be heard by the other person in their language. Also, through the mobile phone, the other person can speak to us in their language, and we will receive the translation immediately to our headphones to understand what they are saying to us.

Pros and Cons TIMEKETTLE WP2 Edge


Very fast translation with fluent conversation.

Until 8 offline languages.

various modes very useful to use.


  • Translation speed
  • Off-line operation
  • Different modes


They do not serve as conventional headphones.

Short duration of battery.


  • They only serve as a translator
  • Autonomy

Editor's opinion

There are few occasions when we have the opportunity to try a product that surprises us because it is novel and useful. As we have already mentioned at the beginning, the WT2 Edge have managed to attract our attention like few other products have. Seeing how it works has been quite an experience. It may not be a product for everyone or for daily use. But if you travel abroad a lot, or for work reasons you need to control several languages, these headphones are a real treat.

TIMEKETTLE Translator Earbuds WT2 Edge
  • Editor's rating
  • 4.5 star rating
  • 80%

  • Integrated
    Publisher: 80%
  • Performance
    Publisher: 80%
  • Autonomy
    Publisher: 70%
  • Portability (size / weight)
    Publisher: 90%
  • Price quality
    Publisher: 50%

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