Do you know the Tik Tok Creator Marketplace?

What is Tik Tok's Creator Marketplace

Tik Tok Creator Marketplace It is the new space that the social network has created so that content creators and brands can generate commercial alliances. This space brings together the most prominent Tiktokers on the platform so that companies can easily contact them and plan collaborative projects.

In this way, both content creators and brands can promote their ideas, materialize them and earn money. It is a fairly simple platform to use and with many benefits for both parties. Let's see how it works and what requirements it requires to use it.

What is Tik Tok Creator Marketplace?

How Tik Tok's Creator Marketplace works

Creator Marketplace is the official Tik Tok platform for facilitate the meeting, negotiation and collaboration between tiktokers and brands. In it, content creators can share their portfolios and brands will analyze their proposals to create alliances.

Using Tik Tok's Creator Marketplace streamlines the communication and search process for tiktokers appropriate for a brand. The best thing is that you won't have to leave the social network, because everything will flow within it.

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In the case of content creators, it improves the way they monetize, dealing directly with brands and facilitating exchange between them. It is an excellent initiative that Tik Tok offers for those users who use the social network to generate money with their ideas or products.

How to use Tik Tok's Creator Marketplace

Tik Tok Creator Marketplace for content creators and brands

The way Tik Tok Creator Marketplace works is quite simple, you just have to register and you will be part of it. Of course, each role offers different functions and here we will tell you how to do in each case to obtain quality results:

For content creators

If you are a content creator you can use Tik Tok's Creator Marketplace by starting a registration process. There you must enter a series of data, but the most important is your profile. You need to be quite specific with what you do, using high-value keywords for your activity. On the other hand, you must meet a series of requirements such as:

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  • Being of legal age.
  • Have more than 50.000 followers.
  • Have published at least 3 videos in the last 30 days in the profile you want to register on the platform.
  • Have achieved more than 1.000 views in the last 30 days.

You can receive an invitation to join Tik Tok's Creator Marketplace, but also without having one. The important thing is to meet these requirements before starting your registration. Then, you will receive a confirmation and access to fill out a form.

Among the data they request, the basic ones such as name, surname, email, contact telephone number and the rate to be charged stand out. With this last field you must be careful, because The value you enter cannot be changed until 30 days have passed..

Another payment method available is product exchanges.. That is, you can request some service in exchange for your collaboration depending on what the brand has. The idea is to have a diversity of exchange systems to satisfy all needs.

For brands

In the case of brands, Tik Tok's Creator Marketplace works like a search engine, where You will see a list of content creators and select the one with whom you want to collaborate. Among the available filters are by age, geographic location, accounts, among others.

Once you find your ideal Tiktoker, you can send them a message to start contact. Communication needs to be clear; that is to say, that when sending guidelines these must be very well specified. Remember that it is not necessary to leave the platform to manage the entire collaborative process.

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Another function available on the platform is the possibility of manage marketing campaigns through content creators. Get reports on video metrics, results tracking, and goals to determine if it really worked.

Important aspects when using Tik Tok Creator Marketplace

Tik Tok Creator Marketplace Usage Policies

Tik Tok's Creator Marketplace is a platform that wants to encourage content creators to find brands to collaborate with. However, it is important to highlight that, in addition to what the platform requests, The content creator must have an impeccable reputation on the social network.

You must be an exemplary user, with content that adheres to TikTok's community standards and policies. If you include some of them, forming part of the Creator Marketplace, your account may be suspended.

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These types of initiatives are very productive for the social network and users, who can better manage their projects. This idea has also been replicated in Instagram where they have their own Creator Marketplace. What do you think of these tools on social networks to facilitate the process of making money on them?

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