5 most common scams in Temu and how to avoid being a victim of them

Most common scams in Temu

Temu is an online sales platform that offers a wide range of products and has become the Aliexpress competition. It has a website and a mobile application to facilitate online purchases.

Being an e-commerce tool, some unscrupulous people have taken the trouble to create strategies to scam users. They use various tools, deceptive messages, false promotions and publications. To avoid being victims of them, you must know how these criminals operate.

What are the most frequent scams in Temu  This is what scams are like in Temu

With more than 10 million users on Temu, this figure can be quite lucrative for scammers, those who bet on deceiving people with quite credible strategies. For those who do not know that these schemes exist, it can be easy to become a victim of them. Let's find out how these unscrupulous people try to deceive with scams in Temu:

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They send messages with fake promotions

You may receive messages from accounts, emails or numbers linked to Temu through any digital platform. However, this may be a scam, and to detect it you can do the following:

  • If it is an email. Verify that the email domain has the temu.com domain, otherwise it may be a scam.
  • If they send you a WhatsApp. Temu did not contact his clients through WhatsApp and this should be your first alert. Surely the message will be accompanied by a link or something to download, given this report the number and block it.
  • If they send you a message on Telegram. Temu does not contact its clients via Telegram and if so it is surely a scam. Avoid clicking on the links received.

Referral code scams

Temu has a kind of referral system where it pays the user who invites others using a personal code. What happens in this case is that the scammer encourages users to see a provocative photo or image, indicating that to see this you must enter a certain code.

This code is Temu's referral code and when the user carries out the process, what it will do is increase the scammer's referral numbers. In addition, he will not see anything and will be scammed, although you do not lose money in it, you make the scammer win because of your naivety.

Fortnite and Roblox awards

Another form of scams in Temu is by offering gift cards to redeem in Fornite and Roblox video games. The only condition to validate them is that they enter the scammer's referral code in Temu and thus make them win. In the end, no gift arrives for these games and everything disappears.

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Scams offering huge discounts


Temu offers discounts of up to 90%, but it will not do so through other channels. That is, to access these super promotions you must do so directly from their website or mobile application. These appear as a kind of advertising banner and when you click it takes you to the offers. If you receive messages with links like this, it is a scam.

They use celebrities created with AI

Artificial intelligence is powerful, but in the hands of scammers can make you believe that a celebrity endorses an account. Through these videos, they make users believe that celebrities are associated with Temu and ask them to enter the referral code. This false decoy makes people feel confident and the account has credibility.

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Temu has not reported anything about these scams, because at the end of the day she is not responsible. Although she should do something about her brand safety levels. However, as users it is best to manage all types of processes directly in your websites or mobile app which you can download at the following access:

Temu: Buy like a millionaire
Temu: Buy like a millionaire
Developer: Temu
Price: Free

Before making any transaction outside the platform, it is best to verify if it is real. Otherwise you could be a victim of data and identity theft or help scammers make more money. Share this information and help reduce victims of scams in Temu.

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