How to spy on WhatsApp or keep the same account on two different terminals

To begin tell you that in this post that I am going to explain how to spy on WhatsApp, is a post oriented to use of a WhatsApp account on two or more terminals both, a function that does not natively allow WhatsApp unless we want to open our account in a desktop web version through a personal computer regardless of the operating system installed.

Based on this possibility of using the WhatsApp Web application, the developers of this application have used the advantages that WhatsApp Web offers us to implement it in an application that tricks WhatsApp into thinking that we are using a personal computer.

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This will help us to be able to carry the same WhatSapp account in two different terminals at the same time without having to cancel one to confirm the other, as we have to do until now, or also, for the most ill-conceived and with the darkest intentions. , be able to access the WhatsApp of our girlfriend, our best friend or whoever we want and our morality allows us, with the only condition of being able to have access to the terminal of the person we want to spy, for at least ten seconds that are necessary to open their WhatsApp, click on the WhatsApp Web option and scan the QR code that It appears on the screen of the terminal whose WhatsApp account we want to hack.

How to spy on WhatsApp or keep the same account on two different terminals

The application in question that for the moment and until someone avoids it, which I think will not take long !!, We can download it directly and without cheating or cardboard from Google's own Play Store under the name of CloneZap for WhatsApp.

How to download CloneZap

CloneZap is not available in the Google Play Store. However, we can download it from other Android app stores. Aptoide is the most popular unofficial Google app store and where if it is available CloneZap app to download.

If you do not have Aptoide installed on your smartphone, you will have to download it beforehand in order to download CloneZap. Being an application officially available to us in the Play Store, it is necessary that let's activate the unknown origins option to be able to install the application later.

But, what does the application do itself?

How to spy on WhatsApp or keep the same account on two different terminals

The application that is mainly intended for be able to carry the same WhatsApp account on several terminals at the same time, taking advantage of the WhatsApp Web functionality, It has a user interface in application plan that the truth although it does not look much like original WhatsApp, does its function perfectly since we will be able to control our WhatsApp on several Android terminals at the same time, even receiving notifications and without having to be synchronizing and desynchronizing WhstaApp accounts every time we want to change smartphones.

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Apart from this logical functionality, a functionality that we will be able to imitate simply with the web browser that we have installed on our Android by putting it in mode «Show desktop version» and entering the WhatsApp Web web page, CloneZap for WhatsApp allows us browse the contacts of the scanned WhatsApp account, all the chats made and see all the multimedia files sent Except for voice or audio notes, and all this as if we were in the WhatsApp application without ever showing us any gap in the desktop version of WhatsApp Web.

How to spy on WhatsApp or keep the same account on two different terminals

How I tell you at the beginning of the post and I have already commented on a couple of occasions, This application is intended for personal use of our own WhatsApp account, but who tells me that I can't do it with the WhatsApp account of my girlfriend, my best friend or the person I want.

The only downside to getting this from spy on the WhatsApp of the person we want, is that we will need to manually access the WhatsApp account of the person we want to spy or control, that is, we will have to be able to access the device of the person we want to spy on their WhatsApp, open the WhatsApp application, Click on the WhatsApp settings and quickly select the WhatsApp Web option to scan the code that appears to us through the CloneZap For Android application that we have installed on our Android.

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This is also especially useful for spying on your children's conversations when they are young and have their first mobile. For this, you have to download whatsapp free and follow the steps that we have discussed above. It is a way to control their friends and what they talk to each other, avoiding possible problems with other children that are sometimes difficult to detect at home.

How to spy on WhatsApp or keep the same account on two different terminals

A tedious process but that if we have some skill, in an oversight of the person we want to spy, an oversight that will hardly take us ten seconds, to be able to achieve clone your WhatsApp account on our Android and thus be able to spy on WhatsApp of that person that we want to control or simply cheat their private conversations.

If you think that you have been spying on WhatsApp, from the application settings go to WhatsAppWeb and see the devices on which you have the session open. If any seems suspicious to you, you can close it without problem to be spied on.

Of course, to avoid privacy problems we always recommend update whatsapp to the latest version available since each update introduces improvements and many of them are aimed at improving the security of our conversations.

If you think you may be a victim of this app or a similar one, here we explain how to know if you have been tapped on whatsapp.

Does Hackingtor work to spy on WhatsApp?

Hackingtor is a website that became popular a couple of years ago. Everybody was talking about that website that allowed access to any WhatsApp account. To this day, the web page is still running, in fact, there are two different web pages, with a very similar domain that ensure that we can access any WhasApp account.

Does Hackingtor work to spy on WhatsApp?

We just have to enter the phone number from which we want to obtain the data, select if we want to access the texts, videos and images and click on Hack WhatsApp account. Then a progress bar will be displayed that shows us the status of the hack that is allegedly taking place and I say supposedly because it doesn't work, it's not real, it's a scam.

Does Hackingtor work to spy on WhatsApp?

Once the process has finished, he offers us two links with history that we have selected from that account. For this article, I had selected to gain access to both chats, images, and videos. Interestingly, the final file with the data of that account only occupies 29 MB, when it really should occupy several GB. This is the first indication that something is wrong.

When clicking on either of the two links, it redirects me to a web page, where I have to register to be able to access its movie content (second indication). The service is completely free, but I have to give my credit card details, including the CVC that we found on the back of the card (third indication).

It should be remembered that if we provide all this data, including the CVC, anyone who has access to that data, you can make purchases with our card Anywhere in the world.

Does Hackingtor work to spy on WhatsApp?

The other web page, whose url is very similar to the previous one, shows a much more professional appearance. We just have to enter our phone number (of any country in the world) for the movie to start.

Does Hackingtor work to spy on WhatsApp?

Then, as if it were a hacker movie, it will begin to show lines of code, where both the phone number that we have entered, and our IP (from which they obtain our location to show it on those lines) are shown trying to give an appearance of veracity.

However, if we look closely, although we do not know much about computing, we can see how the instructions that are executed are done locally, at no time an https address is shown where the data may be stored which you are supposedly accessing.

Does Hackingtor work to spy on WhatsApp?

When the process ends, which lasts a few minutes, the upper image is displayed, in which it informs us that have successfully hacked of the number that we have specified, the number of conversations as well as the number of images, videos and voice notes to which it has had access. Total size 1.89 GB. For now everything seems credible.

Does Hackingtor work to spy on WhatsApp?

In order to access the data that this website has hacked, the first thing we must do is verify that we are not a robot. First indication that something is wrong. Well, okay, what interests us is to know to what extent the WhatsApp number that we have specified has been hacked or is it another scam. Click on Unlock now.

Again, as with the previous website, we are directed to a web page where it asks us to register to access the wide catalog of films that it offers us. Although we can test the service for 7 days, it is necessary that let's enter the full credit card number along with the CVC, so that the service can check which country we are in to give us access to the content that is legally available in our country.

Absolutely none of the web pages, who claim to allow us to access the data of other WhatsApp accounts, can do so, at least all those found on the web where we usually browse.

In addition to the web that we see (Google, Wikipedia ...), the one we use daily, there is also the deep web, data from web pages that are not accessible to everyone (databases, direct links, access credentials) and the Dark Web, where we can find any object or service that is considered illegal.

The Dark Web is only available with special browsers (Thor is the most used) and if we find someone who can hack a WhatsApp account really (there are many scams), it will not be exactly cheap.

Can you spy on WhatsApp without installing anything?


The only way to be able to access someone else's WhatsApp account without installing any third-party app is through the WhatsApp Web service and using a browser that allows us to load as if it were a computer.

Not all browsers manage to fool the WhatsApp web into thinking that it is a computer, laptop or desktop. If our browser manages to deceive the WhatsApp web, a barcode will be displayed, a barcode that we must scan with the terminal we want to access.

Is there a possibility to spy on WhatsApp without a QR code?

WhatsApp QR Code

The QR code that is shown on the web page is unique and personal, that is, this code is only valid for the phone number with which we want to use the WhatsApp web page. These codes are randomly generated and once they have been associated with a phone number, it will no longer be shown to other users.

This is the only way to associate a WhatsApp number with the WhatsApp Web service. If the camera of your smartphone does not work, you will not be able to access this web service until you change the terminal. Answering the question in this section: Is there a possibility to spy on WhatsApp without a QR code?. The answer is NO, it is not possible, and whoever claims they can do it is lying.

How to spy on my son's WhatsApp without him noticing

Web WhatsApp

As I have commented in previous sections, the only way to access a WhatsApp account is through WhatsApp Web. There is no other way to access. There is no application that allows us to do it today (in older versions of Android if possible).

The only method to access your child's WhatsApp conversations is using WhatsApp Web, directly from a computer or from your smartphone using a browser that allows you to load the WhatsApp website where the QR code is displayed in desktop format.

Of course, this method will work until our son takes a look at all the WhatsApp sessions that you can have open on other computers. If you close all the sessions that you do not know, we will stop having access to all the WhatsApp conversations of our child.

Is it a crime to spy on WhatsApp?

Spy on WhatsApp Crime?

Spying on the WhatsApp conversations of another person, regardless of the level of kinship, according to article 197 of the Spanish Penal Code, is a violation of privacy, so before spying on the WhatsApp account of any of your acquaintances, you should think twice, since you can incur jail sentences.

If it's about our children, the thing changes, since, depending on the age of the minor, a reasonable understanding can be reached by both parties, as long as both are willing to give their arm to twist.

Even if this is not the case, we must bear in mind that minors are also protected by the right to privacy in article 18 of the Spanish Constitution. However, jurisprudence justifies computer espionage (to call it in a clear way) to our children in order to keep them protected and preserve their intimacy and privacy.

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  1.   advanced said

    I would like to remind you that according to article 18.3 of the Constitution, "The secrecy of communications and, especially, postal, telegraphic and telephone messages is guaranteed, unless a judicial decision is made." it violates that right and has criminal implications, so it is something very serious that should not be publicized as freely as it has been done in this article.

  2.   Reinaldo said

    Hi there. It is a very useful article. Except there's one thing I don't understand. I read it, I read it again and I cannot imagine that the author of this article says that we can spy on whoever we want.
    Ole, thank you for charging people's privacy. You could have approached the article as a criticism, which is what I think all of us who read this blog think.
    We like technology and android. But not the illegalities and that they are promoted.
    Very bad.
    Who is the coordinator of this blog? Or the editor-in-chief? Comments are not reviewed?
    MY MOTHER !!!!!

    1.    Francisco Ruiz said

      I myself am the coordinator of Androidsis and I don't see the scandal that you want to give to this post in which it is explained and highlighted that it is for personal use only and that although it can be spied on, which as I tell you should not be done since morally it is as reprehensible as illegal, this according to the morality of each one.

      Greetings and thanks for your comments.

      1.    Reinaldo said

        Delighted, I didn't know you were the coordinator. Now I understand many more things.
        It is logical that you do not see so much trouble if not, I understand that you would not have published it. You hide behind people's morality but explain in detail how to do it. That's like saying "Learn the perfect crime" and then you say it's all under your ethics.
        You should not put things like spying on the messages of your girlfriend or best friend without them finding out, because it is a crime, period.
        I don't know what you mean by personal use. Do you also think that the head of a company could use it with his workers?
        And by the way, in the article you only allude to morality, not to the LAW.
        What are you saying about «the most tedious thing is that you have to access manually, although it won't take you more than 10 seconds ...»
        And that you keep seeing that there is no problem …….

  3.   Francisco Ruiz said

    I repeat myself and explain, this app is designed for personal use that does not mean more than being able to carry YOUR WhatsApp on two mobiles at the same time without having to confirm the gutters and activate and deactivate an account and another each time you change mobile. What I explain in the video is that just like if your boyfriend or girlfriend or best friend leaves their mobile on the table and you are able to take advantage of it to hack their WhatsApp, which I do not approve of and that I personally would never do, the same thing to you lets do this app in ten seconds.
    I am neither in favor nor against the app, I only explain the possibilities it offers us and the responsibility is already on each one and their own morals.
    There are also armories that sell all kinds of weapons and therefore you do not have to dedicate yourself to killing people out there, or in TV series and movies they teach you every day to commit the perfect crime and that does not mean that they incite us to commit any crime. I repeat that goes according to the principles and morality of each individual.

    I personally do not approve of any type of espionage or exposure to people's personal privacy and I am against the use of the app for these purposes.

    Greetings friend.

  4.   A father said

    Well, I remind you all that the law also allows a parent to monitor the communications of their minor children. There is a judgment of the Supreme that supports it.
    Only twisted minds are scandalized by an article that explains how to do something and that each one is responsible for the particular use. That goodness hang me up on some who think that silencing the internet will end crime in the world.
    It is like criticizing or even urging the closure of Facebook because many murderers and terrorists use it to communicate and recruit suicides.
    We have lost the north and we are sacrificing ourselves.
    I personally appreciate the article and will surely be able to prevent my children from falling into drugs or worse. Of course I am going to tell you that I am going to see everything you do on WhatsApp, because the law protects me.

  5.   daiana said

    hello how long can you have that application, that is, the cloned wathsaap of the other person? is there a time limit? or should we keep updating?

  6.   meli said

    Good afternoon that application is available for iPhones.

  7.   Jose Antonio Juárez Cruz said

    I don't see the reason for the scandal. We are older people and each one knows if he does it or not.
    Furthermore, it all depends on the perspective from which the matter is viewed. It is very useful, since thanks to this information, we can be more informed of the ways in which our social networks or those of our relatives can be cloned and take the proper precautions !!!!
    You are also exercising your freedom of expression enshrined in the Constitution !!!!

  8.   Jose Antonio Juárez Cruz said


  9.   selvin said

    Hello, I am from Guatemala but I want to download it but it does not appear and that is why it will be or there is another application that you know, thank you, I will wait for your answer, thank you

  10.   Tania Ramos said

    Hello, I have tried to download the clonezap application in the play store but the sample no longer says that it is not registered where I can download it. Gracoas

  11.   Paola Cincunegui said

    I can not download???

  12.   coderdeath said

    Let's go gentlemen, it is the same if someone uses this application in the "wrong way" (morally); than getting into a vehicle looking for someone to run over on the street ... everything is up to you, how you use it and / or what will be the purpose for you to want to drive it.

  13.   ellen said

    the application does not allow to download audios ??? And if I need to download the audio of that specific chat, how is it done ??????

  14.   Mia said

    In my opinion, WhatsApp itself is not the most reliable application. Therefore, as soon as I started using it for work, I immediately installed mSpy to be sure of the safety of my data and to have access to my account on any device.

  15.   theanikilator said

    Clonezap no longer exists or name change?

    1.    daniplay said

      Hi, there is the Clonezap application, you have it available on Android list.

  16.   Liria runner said

    Hello Francisco, are you?

  17.   mario gonzalez said

    I met professional hackers.