How to remove Wuolah ads for free

How to remove Wuolah ads

If we want something for free we are used to "paying" for it by watching ads, the problem comes when these Ads become too invasive, with misleading advertising or when they are excessive. This is precisely what is happening with the Wuolah platform, which offers a very interesting catalog of notes but is loaded with annoying ads for students. Therefore, today I am going to indicate to you a trick that will help you eliminate Wuolah ads once and for all. I'll tell you how it's done.

Wuolah, a catalog of notes for all subjects

Wuolah notes catalog

At Wuolah you have thousands of perfect resources to make life easier for students, who every day have more useful tools that make their study easier. And Wuolah is one of those tools because it facilitates study by providing a catalog of summaries and notes already prepared by other students.

In addition, this tool offers many useful functionalities to segment the types of courses and subjects or filters to search for specific documents. But what is most striking is that You can earn money on the platform if your notes are of quality and consequently they are shared a lot between students. Without a doubt it is one best apps for a university student.

And there are ads on the platform that help pay for these documents. Advertisements that can really become a nuisance when they interrupt our study, making it very difficult to concentrate on the subject again. In addition, it represents a significant loss of time when we have just enough time for the next exam. There are even users who report technical incidents with certain ads that slow down the operation of the device.

So, if you find yourself in this situation and want to find a way to remove those ads on Wuolah, I recommend that you continue reading because I am going to explain to you. a free online tool to remove ads in Wuolah. I tell you.

How to remove ads in Wuolah notes with Gulag Cleaner

Gulag Cleaner

Gulag Cleaner is a powerful tool designed to provide a solution to the invasive advertising of notes downloaded from note-sharing platforms, as is the case of Wuolah. In an ideal world for Gulag Cleaner, knowledge should be free, without advertising, for everyone.

As I told you, these platforms often display intrusive advertising that can easily distract students during their study hours. This is why Gulag Cleaner was born, which seeks to offer a free way to clean these notes from unwanted advertising, allowing every student to concentrate on their work without distractions.

It is intended to provide an enhanced study experience and we are going to use it in the following way.

  1. First of all you have to download your Wuolah PDF (or whatever PDF you want and have on your device).
  2. Now you have to enter in the Gulag Cleaner website.
  3. Within the website we click on the button that says «Click here to select PDFs».
  4. Find the PDF the one you want to remove the advertising from and open it.
  5. Now, in the bottom right corner you see a button that says «Remove advertising from notes». Press it.
  6. Once this is done, the PDF download no ads anymore.

This procedure by which we eliminate ads in the documents and notes downloaded from Wuolah is that simple. Note that It works for almost all note catalogs with advertising that you can find.

This is because Gulag Cleaner seeks to offer a free way to clean these notes of unwanted advertising, allowing students to concentrate on their study so that they can give one hundred percent. And you Have you used this tool before? If the answer is yes, comment if a classmate told you or if you found it online. I read you in comments.

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