OUKITEL WP36, review, features and prices

OUKITEL WP36 cover sky background

Again we return with a new release from OUKITEL. Another device from a very special manufacturer that we have already been able to test other products. Another commitment to a sector in which it is a true specialist, “rugged phones”. We have been able to test the OUKITEL WP36, a resistant smartphone that fits with all the characteristics of a rugged smartphone.

A sector of the smartphone market that continues to grow, and to which new devices do not stop arriving. OUKITEL continues to produce competent devices in this sector for the benefits they offer, and for the resistance of the materials of their construction.

OUKITEL WP36, robust and powerful

As we say, OUKITEL is a true expert in the manufacture of this type of devices, and there are several rugged models that we can find within their catalog. We have been lucky enough to try several of them, and They all have in common a huge battery and a huge shock resistance capacity..

But if in something Rugged phones have evolved exponentially It is about becoming more and more similar, in terms of performance, to any of the most competent conventional smartphones. Decide on A resistant smartphone is no longer synonymous with giving up any of the features that conventional phones offer.

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This is the OUKITEL WP36

OUKITEL WP 36 back with box

Like the rest of the rugged devices, the WP36 has a rough appearance, and a size and weight well above what a conventional smartphone usually has. His whole body is made of plastic materials that will resist shocks without problem, as well as the most extreme conditions.

Looking at the WP36, in parts, we see how On the front we find a generous 6.52-inch IPS LCD screen with resolution HD +, and a 20.5:9 aspect ratio. It is perfectly located protected by the edges with an octagonal frame. In its upper central part, there is the front camera, after a hole notch round.

Looking at your lower partAfter a thick rubber tab that closes hermetically, we find the charging port, with USB type C format. 

OUKITEL WP 36 charging port

In his Right side are the physical buttons. We have the on/off button, and with another elongated button for the volume control. Furthermore, we also find a fingerprint reader for unlocking the terminal, and a hole in the lower corner to hang it with a ribbon. Super resistance and security, if that is what you are looking for, you will soon be able to get it. OUKITEL WP36 at the best price with introductory offer.

OUKITEL WP 36 right side

La upper part is free of buttons and ports. In its left side, behind another thick plastic tab that will guarantee its tightness, is located the slot for SIM and memory cards.

OUKITEL WP 36 slot cards

“Different” rear

The most physical highlight of this device is found on its back. Also finished with plastic materials that imitate skin. We found a curious panel that includes the three photographic lenses and the flash, which we will talk about later. But what draws attention is a huge speaker with 3.5 W of power with 128 dB maximum volume.

OUKITEL WP 36 rear

OUKITEL WP36 Unboxing

As with every smartphone, it's time to look inside the box of our OUKITEL WP36. After uncovering a typical box of OUKITEL devices with its distinctive logo and orange color, we found several elements. We may say that there is nothing left over, but we don't miss anything either. 

In addition to the obvious terminal, we have the connector for electrical current with input size USB Type C, something that more and more firms do without. We also have our own charging cable, with both ends of USB C format. 

OUKITEL WP 36 unboxing

We also have the typical skewer to extract the card slot, which on the other end has a kind of “claw” to be able to open the rubber tabs without damaging our nails in the attempt. And finally, a little warranty documentation and a quick guide of use Yes it's him rugged smartphone that you were looking for, you can get your OUKITEL WP36 with great introductory offer.

The OUKITEL WP36 screen

It's time to talk to you about the screen of this rugged, although there is nothing in particular that catches our attention. The OUKITEL WP36 screen meets minimum quality standards, and in terms of size it has generous 6.3 inches, a comfortable size, above other rugged models that we have been able to test. A screen IPS LCD with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection against bumps and scratches, and in general good qualities.

OUKITEL WP36 screen

We have a Full HD+ resolution of 720x1600, acceptable for the screen size, but also improvable. With a density of 269 pixels per inch and a relationship of 20.5: 9 aspect which makes it comfortable to play videos.

What's inside the OUKITEL WP36?

If we look at what the OUKITEL WP36 can offer us in terms of power, we are pleasantly surprised. Starting with the fact that the choice of the processor has been a right decision. We found a MediaTek MT8788. A chip that also they use manufacturers like Motorola, Ulefone, Vivo or ZTE, among others, with very satisfactory results.

Processor MediaTek MT8788 It includes 4x Cortex-A73 and 4xCortex-A53, plus a processor speed of 2 GHz.

OUKITEL WP36 on the grass

With regards to RAM, we really like meeting some generous 8 GB. Something not common in mid-range smartphones and that, until now, is exclusive to the most prohibitive terminals. Furthermore, they are perfectly complemented with a 128 GB internal memory that we can even expand up to 1 TB with a Micro SD.

Given the qualities offered by the WP36, we cannot forget that we are talking about a smartphone that falls into the all-terrain sector. And in addition to having Enough power to compete with any mid-range device. The OUKITEL WP36 has IP68 certification, something out of reach, at the moment, for the vast majority of conventional smartphones. 

In the aspect of the graphics we found one ARM Mali-G72 MP3, capable of taking full advantage of a screen that could have been somewhat better. And the security section is completed with a fingerprint reader that works fast and accurate, and that it is located in the best possible position given the size of the device. Power is not at odds with resistance, get the new OUKITEL WP36

Photography that raises the bar

It's time for the photographic section. A point in which OUKITEL has offered us good quality on other occasions. And in the case of WP36 continues to improve in quantity and quality.

OUKITEL WP 36 cameras

El main sensor is a SONY IMX135, of type ISOCELL, with 2.2 focal aperture and offers up to 13 Mpx resolution. A sensor capable of offering us very good results in good lighting conditions, but that also makes an effort to be up to par in more difficult conditions. We can say that it manages to raise the quality of the photographs to this type of mobile.

El second sensor corresponds to that of the macro camera GalaxyCore GC02M1. The resolution is 2MP and the aperture is 2.4.

On the front it has a more competent selfie and video calling camera than we usually find. Also, to continue along the same line, a Samsung sensor, S5K5E8 that offers resolution of 5 Mpx and a 2.2 focal aperture. In short, we consider it a success to have Samsung to provide quality and solvency in a section of photography that does not go unnoticed. 

Photographs taken with the OUKITEL WP36

As we always do when we test a smartphone, we leave you some samples of the photographs taken. The OUKITEL WP36, on paper and taking into account the data, signatures and numbers, aimed to be one of the rugged phones with the best camera. Unfortunately, although the results obtained are not bad, they do not reach the expected level.

The first of the photos is taken outdoor, a sunny day with good light, the camera has to be very bad to not obtain a good result. This is not the case, and as we can see, a good photo is obtained. Well-differentiated colors, well-defined shapes and also good definition.

OUKITEL WP36 beach photo

Here we have a capture with worse lighting. It is clearly seen how the sharpness of the image loses integers. We appreciate the different shades and colors well, but we appreciate certain noise y blur.

OUKITEL WP36 photo jars

In this photograph, taken at dusk, already against light, the sensor behaves really well. In view of a complicated catch in which any camera suffers, the WP36 manages to offer us a definition of really acceptable forms in which the depth is also appreciated.

OUKITEL WP36 sunset photo

Finally, we took a photo in daylight, in the shade, with a streetlight. We see how the definition is somewhat deficient, although we can clearly appreciate the different textures.

OUKITEL WP36 photo lantern

OUKITEL WP36 Technical Specifications Sheet

Trademarks OUKITEL
Model WP36
Screen 6.52 inches HD+
Processor MediaTek MT8788
Type Octa Core
GPU Mali-G72 MP3
Internal storage 128 GB
Fingerprint reader YES on the side
Photo camera triple lens 
Main sensor SONY IMX 135 13 Mpx
Portrait mode GalaxyCore GC02M1 2MP sensor
Front photo camera 5 Mpx
Battery 10.600 mAh with 18W fast charging
Dimensions 172.2 80.7 × × 19.1mm
Weight : 370 g
Price 135.47 €
Purchase Link OUKITEL WP36

OUKITEL WP36, powerful inside and robust outside

We have already analyzed everything that this OUKITEL can offer us in terms of performance and photography in our daily use. But we are dealing with a manufacturer that is an expert in resistant devices, and the WP36 is a clear example of this. It stands out, as we have mentioned, the high-strength plastic material with which it is manufactured, with extra protections in the corners.

We have up to three types of different certifications at the resistance level. The IP68 certification, not just water resistance. In addition to not suffering from splashes, We can submerge it in water up to one and a half meters for half an hour without it suffering any damage.. Ready to accompany you on any adventure, without fear that it may break down or suffer damage. 

It also has the IP69K certification, currently considered the highest degree of protection that exists. The numbers and letters of each certification have a meaning. The first, 6, represents the degree of protection against dust. The 9K is somewhat special since the maximum protection against liquids was the number 8. This parameter was established for products that In addition to protection against liquids, they also withstand cleaning under pressure and with liquids at high temperatures..

OUKITEL WP36 in the forest

The third certification is MIL-STD-810H, which refers to the highest distinction awarded by the United States Army to products that are capable of resisting the most extreme conditions of temperature, pressure or shock, without altering the perfect functioning of the device. The WP36 is capable of withstanding temperatures between 45º below zero and 75º.

In addition, it has a tool package in the form of pre-installed Apps, which can be useful for us on a daily basis, or in adverse circumstances. We find, for example, a compass a light to emit danger signals a probe, a gradient or a altimeter. And also accessories such as a magnifying glass, a level or an angle protractor... a real Swiss army knife.

Huge house brand battery

Another recognizable identity signs of OUKITEL's all-terrain smartphones is his battery. Something that continues to grow in size and also in energy efficiency. In the WP36 we find a battery with a charge of 10600 mAh. A capacity that, according to the manufacturer, will hold up to 1400 hours on standby, or with which we can reproduce up to 45 hours of uninterrupted music.

We will be able to use our smartphone on a daily basis up to a full week without charging. Also, thanks to its reverse charge, We can use the OUKITEL WP36 as a power bank and charge other devices. We could charge the battery of wireless headphones up to 27 times, for example. Battery to give and give away, you can now buy the OUKITEL WP36 with super introductory offer.

OUKITEL WP36, portable speaker

OUKITEL WP36 super speaker

Es one of the most striking extras on the market. A smartphone with a built-in super speaker It is something that music lovers have always dreamed of. The WP36 is equipped with a rear speaker with 3.5 W power. Not only does it sound loud, but It sounds really good at maximum volume. without distortion. 

It has a very good sound quality. Something that improves the user experience thanks to the 8D dynamic surround sound technology. A power that reaches up to 128 dB Clear sound with quality speaker nuances. 

Android 13.0 and customization layer

In the WP36 we have Android 13.0 Pie under one OUKITEL's own customization layer. As we have already commented in other reviews of devices from this firm, fortunately its customization layer is very slight. It is practically limited to slightly shape the icons sometimes giving them a more “metallic” appearance. At first glance you don't go much further than an Android launcher, but with some “tweaks”. 

En Androidsis We are firm defenders of pure Android. Using Android and improving it is legal, and good for all users. Customizing it is also common, but modifying something that works excellently as standard, in some cases impairs the fluidity of its operation, and this is a big mistake.

Pros and cons of the OUKITEL WP36

The OUKITEL WP36 It has been a pleasant surprise. The improvements in the photographic section are notable, and as always, we have some extra that differentiates itself from other models on the market. These improvements are a clear example of evolution towards the needs and demands of the general public, so the result can only be good. 


Su battery of 10.600 mAh means that we do not depend on the charger every day. 

La camera of photos is capable of taking advantage of a phone that is versatile.

Its powerful speaker It is a super interesting extra, phone plus speaker in one.


  • Battery
  • Camera
  • Speaker


El weight checked, something that is assumed in rugged phones from the outset, is still a small impediment for those who do not move with a bag in tow.

El design, for many it remains an obstacle, more accustomed to conventional devices.


  • Weight :
  • Integrated

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