Shein adds new sales sections, I'll show you what's new

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Shein is already a well-known platform for buying and selling products of all kinds. Stands out for its wide range of affordable fashion and the company has decided to expand its product catalog with many additions. Let's see all the new sections on Shein.

The history of Shein

Sheinside old logo Shein

Shein was born in 2008 with the name ZZKO, which would later be called sheinside. This name did not last long until the company definitively changed its name to Shein.

And it is with this name that he managed to achieve the fame he has now. Specifically, The most favorable time for the company's growth was during the Covid pandemic. Its fast shipping option with returns stands out, which has led many people to give a very positive evaluation of the company.

Its expansion currently has no limits since It is present in more than 20 countries with more than 10.000 employees. Thanks to this rapid growth of the platform, Shein already has several stores in Spain installed in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Málaga or Ibiza and it is the most downloaded shopping app.

You can access all shopping functions and features by downloading their app from here.

Shein not only sells clothes

It is true that Shein has a ecosystem of brands that work under the company and they offer all types of clothing and footwear in an economical way. But, just like when Amazon proposed selling more than books, Shein has proposed expanding its catalog.

The challenge that Shein faces is to become the preferred app for users to make any type of purchase, specializing in cheap and fast shipping.

This expansion is risky and we will see what the future holds for them. For now, let's see what the new sections are like in Shein. Not before talking about the famous application discounts that so many people have taken advantage of.

Shein discounts and coupons

Offers in the App

As you know, Shein has had an impressive expansion in recent years and it is due to, among other factors, the large number of discounts and coupons that it offers to its users for different reasons.

This makes items, which are already usually cheap, even cheaper. Let's see how to get discounts and coupons on Shein.

  • Discounts for new users: For all new accounts that register in the app, Shein offers them a discount to make purchases in their app. Take advantage of that discount during your first purchase.
  • Quantity discounts: Like other sales services such as Aliexpress, Shein offers discounts starting at certain amounts of money. That is, you will see how in many cases, exceeding €20 or €50 you will have an even greater discount.
  • Common coupons: Every so often you will see that on the main Shein screen we have new offers and coupons to take advantage of. This generous way of offering coupons is one of the reasons for Shein's great expansion.
  • Event and seasonal discounts: Whether at Christmas, Valentine's Day or Halloween, you will find discounts for events that will help you prepare for the holidays.
  • Shein Points: There is a rewards system on Shein that rewards you with Shein Points. These points can be accumulated during your purchases and have a limited duration.

New sections on Shein:

Beauty and health items

Shein opens the market and offers a wide range of products related to beauty and health. It is one of the new sections on Shein that offers the most catalogue.

In the beauty and health items section we will find everything from cosmetics to personal care products.

Sports clothing and gadgets

New sales sections on Shein

This new line of sportswear and gadgets from Shein offers options for those looking for a active and healthy style.

From active clothing for women and men to sports accessories and ending with weight training and bodybuilding equipment, if you do sports, Shein has it.

Everything for pets

Pet lovers will find a variety of products for your furry companions, from accessories to toys and care items.

From clothing and toys to furniture or health products for your pets, you will find everything you need for your dog, cat, bird, etc.

Tools and home improvements

Shein presents a selection of quality tools for various needs, from gardening tools to specific home maintenance products.

Let's say you will find what you can find in a hardware store and much more: electrical spare parts, garden furniture, exterior paint or even surveillance cameras.


Introducing home appliances on Shein is perfect for many situations. This is because Appliances are a basic necessity. So it will be very convenient If our microwave breaks, go to Shein to see what microwave they have.

Here you have all the household appliances to equip your home economically. You have everything from kitchen appliances to robot vacuum cleaners or humidifiers.


Electronics at Shein

Shein expands its offer with a section dedicated to electronic products of all kinds, from gadgets to cutting-edge technological devices.

You will find all kinds of technology-related items such as smart watches and mobile phones, cables or screen protectors.

Vehicle accessories

The automotive section will be ideal for those vehicle owners who want to find car related accessories and products at good price.

From lights, spare parts, accessories for the interior and exterior of the car... If you think it exists, it's probably on Shein.


Shein cares about moms-to-be by including a dedicated maternity section with great deals on mom clothing and accessories.

Here you have items for babies and children segmented by age, you also have baby toys and other devices that help the growth of the little ones such as walkers.

Stationery and office supplies

Shein offers a variety of attractive and functional options within its new office and stationery section.

Here you have one of the most striking sections of all that Shein has incorporated into its catalog. And it is that It is very interesting to be able to buy from home all those things that are needed daily both for studying at school and for work.

You will find stationery and desk accessories, notebooks, ink, personalized cards and countless other office-related products.


new section Toys

La Shein's toy section offers options for all ages but especially for the little ones, giving customers the possibility of finding gifts at a good price and for everyone.

You can find everything from children's entertainment to musical instruments or different devices or products for various hobbies.

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