The best features of Android 12.0 and how to update it right now

New Android 12 features

Android 12 has been one of the most powerful operating systems of all its versions. Currently, sIt can be updated and with it you will receive new functions that you should know. To learn more about this version, we will tell you how to renew it and what new features it brings for you.

9 Android 12 features you should know

These features that come in Android 12 They will help you get more out of your device, no longer just for calls and browsing the Internet. Let's see what the best features of this operating system are and where to find them:

Colorful wallpaper icons

Your app icons can be set to the tone or theme of your wallpaper. This way you will have a unique and equal design throughout the mobile. If you want to try it, these are the steps to follow:

Android 12
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  • Enter the system settings.
  • Look for the “style and wallpaper” option.
  • Activate the “icons with theme” option.

Record mobile screen

Although there are applications to record screen, Android 12 comes with this native option. When activated, it will make a recording of what you are watching on your computer and it will be saved in the gallery. To activate this option you must do the following:

  • Slide the screen from top to bottom, starting from the notification bar.
  • In the available shortcuts there is the "record screen" button.
  • A series of buttons will be enabled to start recording, stop it or pause it.
  • You can choose the "record audio" option from the device or the microphone.

Device Control Shortcut

There is a button that takes you to the controls your home device. This means you can manage your smart home from your mobile. To do this you must do the following:

  • Slide the screen from top to bottom, starting from the notification bar.
  • You will see all the shortcuts, select the one that says "device control."
  • From there you will see all the connected devices and you can manage them from there without downloading the Home app.

Resize screen elements

For users who want to see everything bigger on their mobile, there is an option that allows you to adjust or customize its size. From the font to the icons, buttons and other tools. To do this you have to follow these steps:

  • Enter the mobile settings.
  • Tap on “screen.”
  • Go to “display size”.
  • Select the dimensions you want.

Hides sensitive information when your phone is locked

When the mobile phone is locked, effectively no one other than the owner of the device will be able to access it. However, You can turn it on and see what notifications have arrived. To prevent this from happening and increase privacy, you must do the following:

  • Enter the Android 12 settings.
  • Tap on “privacy”.
  • Enter “lock screen notifications”.
  • Select the option from the menu to “show sensitive content only when unlocking” or “do not show any information.”

Turn on split screen

With Android 12 you can open two applications at the same time and view them on split screens. The format shows you one app above and another below, making it easy to use both, and even simultaneously. Let's see how to activate this option:

  • Swipe the screen from the bottom to the center.
  • You will see a screen with the latest activated applications.
  • Tap an app icon.
  • Select the “split screen” option.
  • This app will be located at the top and the second app you select will be seen at the bottom.

Google Chrome

Activate "one hand" mode

Mobile devices can be manipulated with one hand, you just have to activate the function and make it easier to use if your other hand is busy. If you can't use both limbs on your Android 12, here's what you can do:

  • Enter the system settings.
  • Tap the “accessibility” option.
  • Login to "system controls".
  • Activate "one-handed mode."

Save battery

The Android 12 version comes with a feature that allows you save battery thanks to an intelligent saving system. To activate it and make your battery last much longer than usual, this is what you have to do:

  • Enter the mobile settings.
  • Tap on “drums.”
  • Then enter “smart features preferences.”
  • Activate the "smart battery" option.

Unlocked cell phone in safe places

Now mobile devices Android 12 comes with a feature that allows you to keep them unlocked in safe areas. To do this you must use the "Smart Look" function and if you want to activate it you must do the following:

Android 12
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  • Enter the Android settings.
  • Tap on “security”.
  • Press the “Smart Look” option.
  • If this is your first time, enter a PIN.
  • Set up your safe zones.

Steps to update Android 12

If you would like to update android 12, you must wait for a system notification. This automatically tells you whether or not you can do it. Also, you can verify the availability of this update on your own by following these steps:

  • Enter the system settings.
  • Scroll the screen to the end and tap "system."
  • You will see the option to "update software."
  • Make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection before doing so.
  • If a version is available, the system will download it.
  • This process may take time depending on the amount of information to be updated and the speed of your internet.

With this information, you can learn a little more about the version of Android 12, which you can update now if your mobile supports it. Please do the verification manually and hopefully it will be available. Share this information with other users so they know more about this operating system.

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