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If you are making many trips, the truly important thing is to always know the kilometers from the point of departure to the point of arrival, to have an approximation of the route at the end of the month. If you usually make trips, what is necessary in the end is to control everything you do in terms of distances.

It is almost certain that you use some utility that takes you to a specific place when you travel, if so, the important thing is that you take advantage of that well-known tool. Both Waze and Google Maps, two of the most used apps, they usually have many characteristics that are less interesting for your interest.

We are going to show you how to measure distances with google maps, valid if you use the telephone or the computer, since the use is very similar in both cases. The one created by Mountain View will tell you and mark all the information, all in real time, which is what you are looking for, knowing everything you have traveled.

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measure everything roughly

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Choosing a start point and another end point will approximate the meters that that route has, is usually quite real because everything is controlled by this application created by Google. Maps is one of those that has matured over time by including certain new features that everyone can access.

As if it were a specific rule, you will see a line that will indicate everything, until you get from the start to the well-known point that will mark the finish. If you do this, it will mark everything, as if it were a route taken, being beneficial in the end to know what you have covered in the entire day.

Google Maps is one of the apps with which you can also see the entire journey both in real time and later, if you also want to have the roads you have chosen on the way out. In addition, Maps will be giving the so-called short routes in case you want to reach the point that you have chosen at the beginning.

How to measure distances in the Google Maps application

Measure Distance Maps

The operation of measuring distances in the Android application It will be similar to the one available for iOS, all the steps are the same, except that you will be under the Apple system. Getting to use this service requires hardly anything, for this it must be linked to your email account, which is the one with which Google Chrome opens.

The first thing before measuring a distance with Google Maps, you have to see the point of departure and arrival, it is important if you want to know the length, both in meters and kilometers. You can trace everything until you go to the one you want, thus seeing all the streets, highways if there were any, as well as alternative roads.

To measure distances in the Google Maps application, Do the following:

  • The first step is to open the Google Maps application on your device
  • After opening it, the next step is to put the address you want to start from, you can put the street written in the search bar
  • After choosing a point, long press and wait for it to show you the bottom part, slide from bottom to top and you will see different options, specifically the one that says "Measure distance", click on it
  • If you have done the step correctly, now you will be marked with a blue arrow at the point you want to reach, go to that street and put points with the "+" symbol
  • To finish, click on the arrow at the top if you want return to normal mode, finishing and saving this distance in case you want to go in car mode

Measure distance from Google Maps on the web

measure distance-2

The Google Maps service on the page is similar to that of the application, that is why you need a little skill, although the same as that of the app. The page is equally simple, it also promises a rich experience, having a greater visualization if you put it in full screen.

You need a web browser, the one recommended for good use and experience, it is none other than Google Chrome, important for having a good number of options at your fingertips. Mark a point and measurement of a specific route It will take just a minute, all as long as the distance is not long to do.

If you want to measure the distance in Google Maps through the browser, do the following step by step:

  • First of all, you have to open the address of Google Maps in the browser, click this link
  • In “Search in Google Maps”, put the address from which you want to start
  • Click on the starting point and right click if it is from the PC, on the mobile phone it is the same as in the application, click on the point and from the bottom it goes up
  • Click on "Measure distance" and if you want to finish, press the right button again and click on the setting that says "Distance to here", it will tell you the meters from the starting point to the starting point, which is what you were looking for

After this, to save the distance you have to go to your profile and see the preferences, there you will see the last route created, which is worth it if you want to have it on hand or send it to any contact. It is recommended to go looking at the meters or kilometers, if so, you also have a route or several alternatives.

Waze, the alternative


After the use of Google Maps, an alternative to this well-known tool from the Mountain View firm is that of Waze, used by millions of people around the world. Its operation is not complex at all and it complies with the guidelines, in addition it also allows you to mark the distance to know the meters from one point to another.

Waze needs little connectivity, just enough to access the data, which is what it will use to go from one address to the one marked by you. Incorporates many navigation tricks, which are vital if you want to be an expert in this well-known application.

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