ILIFE V3x, review and features

ILIFE V3x in operation

We return for Androidsis with a home cleaning product. Here we love our house to look clean, and today we bring you again a gadget so that this does not require any effort. On this occasion we tell you everything about the ILIFE V3X vacuum cleaner.

Do you love seeing the floor at home clean and shiny? Do you want cleaning time to not require your presence? It is time to get an autonomous vacuum cleaner, and today we bring you an excellent option for this, do not miss out on everything that the ILIFE V3X can offer you.

ILIFE V3x a perfect ally for home

ILIFE V3X tile floor cleaning

It is clear that we all like to live in a clean home, but sometimes this is not easy. Pets at home, children and large families do not usually help our home stay clean. The ILIFE V3x vacuum cleaner comes to our homes so that we no longer have to worry about sweeping or scrubbing time. ground.

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We can schedule it daily for dry cleaning or scrubbing included. Put it to work immediately to pick up any damage. And we can even stop it if the cleaning time coincides with people at home or if it bothers us at a specific time. Us We are in control, wherever we are. It has never been so easy to always have a clean house.

Unboxing ILIFE V3x

It is a mandatory ritual, receiving a package, opening it, and taking out each of the elements it contains inside to tell it. Normally, when it comes to a vacuum cleaner, we can find many and varied accessories, something that happens less and less with other types of accessories such as smartphones. Although the ILIFE V3x does not stand out for the number of accessories it comes with.

ILIFE V3x unboxing and accessories

In addition to his own vacuum, we found the charging base, which connects to the wall with a “normal” plug, and sits perfectly on the floor so that the ILIFE V3x “rests” when the job is done. We have two propeller-shaped brushes Additional features, in addition to the two that are installed serial. With these brushes you can access the corners well, even if the shape of the vacuum cleaner is oval.

We also found a small stiff brush which has rigid bristles at its other end. It is designed to clear a small jam that may be caused by the central brush or the sides. For the rest, we have the power cord to connect to the charging base, with a user manual and installation and with the classic warranty information product.

This is the ILIFE V3x

ILIFE V3X front in operation

We can say that the ILIFE V3x is about a self-contained vacuum cleaner for use. That is, it has spherical shape and his body is flat. As we already know, thanks to the long brushes on both sides, corners will not be a problem even with this curved shape. 

At the top we see how they have opted for more attractive materials such as glass. In this case we have a vacuum cleaner in white color with beautiful and modern look. We see the physical buttons, only two, both with a very simple task and function. A button that serves to manual on and off of the team, and a “home” button, which also manually cancels the program in progress and sends the vacuum cleaner to its charging platform.

ILIFE V3X in dry cleaning mode operation

On the front of the device is located the laser reader with which it performs a complete mapping of the rooms in our house. Once the terrain has been recognized the first time, rwill carry out a complete cleaning with a route calculated to be as efficient as possible. Forget about those vacuum cleaners that were hitting all the furniture.

ILIFE V3x bottom

At the bottom we see the fundamentals of a cleaning robot, the suction zone, with a short brush that rotates to remove dirt. We can also observe a mop that is located over the liquid reservoir, with 250ml capacity. We see the front brushes, with long bristles to reach well in corners. Don't wait to get your ILIFE V3X on Amazon with free shipping.

The V3X has a small front wheel, for turnsAnd with two lateral wheels with cushioning, capable of overcoming obstacles of up to 20 mm Tall. Also in this part is located the magnet area where the battery charges when in contact with the base.

ILIFE V3X side wheel, brushes and mop

High-tech cleaning of the ILIFE V3X

We are faced with a product that burst onto the market in a very powerful way. Since we saw the first autonomous robot vacuum cleaner, they have not stopped evolving. There are many manufacturers that have launched their own autonomous vacuum cleaner. And this is something that influences an improvement of the product and an evolution of its technology. 

Thanks to a complete App We will be able to have total control of the cleaning of our home.  Remotely, wherever we are we can start or finish the cleaning, observe its evolution, see where the V3X is in the house, or check battery level, and schedule vacuuming or mopping for a specific time.

Developer: iLife
Price: Free
  • ILIFEHOME Screenshot
  • ILIFEHOME Screenshot
  • ILIFEHOME Screenshot
  • ILIFEHOME Screenshot
  • ILIFEHOME Screenshot
  • ILIFEHOME Screenshot
  • ILIFEHOME Screenshot

The ILIFE V3X has four cleaning modes for four different types of surface, and offers a 3000 Pa suction power. Is capable of detecting a carpet and changing modes automatically. A true two in one capable of offering us dry and wet cleaning for an excellent result. It has two deposits for dirt, one for dry 300 ml, and another for 250ml liquids.

ILIFE V3X wet and dry cleaning tanks

ILIFE V3X technical specifications table

Trademarks iLife
Model V3x
Power 3000 Pa
Features wet and dry
Wi-Fi SI
Remote control DO NOT
Stock Exchange DO NOT
Deposit SI
Certification ROHS
Dust container 300ml
liquid container 250ml
Weight : 3 kg
Dimensions 33 x 33 x 7.9 cm
Noise level 60 dB maximum
Price 195.97 €
Purchase Link ILIFE V3X

Pros and Cons of the ILIFE V3X vacuum cleaner


Wet and dry cleaning

Four types of cleaning in a single device.

Full control with the App.


  • Solids and liquids
  • 4 modes
  • App


The charging base weighs little and is sometimes moved by the vacuum cleaner itself.

Few extra accessories.


  • Charging base
  • Accessories

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