How to search for a user on Wallapop?

Users cannot be searched on Wallapop

Have you ever come across a profile that you find interesting on Wallapop? Did you like the products that person had for sale? In this popular second-hand sales platform we can find an infinite number of interesting and useful things. However, if we want to search for a specific seller, it can be somewhat complicated, but not impossible. Do you want to find out how to search for a user on Wallapop?

If so, I recommend you keep reading. We will explain two different options to search for a user in Wallapop and thus be able to browse the products that it puts on sale. You will see how it is not complicated at all!

How to find a user on Wallapop?

There are some tricks to find users in Wallapop

There is no doubt that one of the most popular second-hand sales apps is Wallapop. It is very simple and intuitive to use, However, there are some functions that are missing, but that we can find on other platforms, such as Vinted. One of these functions is the search for users, which is very practical. Sometimes, some people sell many different products that they no longer want but that we love, either because they are our style, like clothes, or because we need them at a specific moment.

However, as much as we search on Wallapop, we cannot find the users. But nothing happens, because there are some tricks to find sellers and be able to browse their products. We will discuss them step by step below.

Vinted or Wallapop
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Search for a user in Wallapop by the name of their product step by step

A quite effective way to search for a user on Wallapop is by searching for one of your products. But how? Let's explain it step by step:

  1. Open the Wallapop application on your Android device or access the website from your computer.
  2. in search, enter the exact name of the product of the user you are looking for.
  3. When you find it, access it and you can see who sells it.
  4. If you give the username, takes you directly to his profile And that's it, you can now see all the products it has for sale.

A little trick would be save product to favorites in order to find it faster. Of course, the day you sell it, we will no longer be able to access the profile of the user that interests us. We can also write to the seller asking for information. Thus, the chat will remain in our messages and we can access it whenever we want.

However, there is a new option that Wallapop offers us that is much less complicated and more direct. When we enter a product page, right where the seller's profile photo is, there is an icon of a doll with a heart. If we give it, we will start following that person and we will be able to see everything it offers. We can also start following said user directly on their profile. In this case, the icon is on the top right, next to the "share" option.

Search for a user on Wallapop by name step by step

We have already discussed how to search for a user on Wallapop using the name of one of their products. But what if we don't know? Or if we don't remember? Obviously, it is very easy for this to happen. It may also be that someone has recommended a profile to us or has given us theirs so that we can see what they have for sale. However, we can't look it up by username, or if?

From the Wallapop application it is not possible, as we have already mentioned above. Nevertheless, There is a trick to do it. Here we will discuss it step by step:

  1. Open your internet browser and go to Google.
  2. Put the following in the browser: User name wallapop
  3. Several links to products available on this platform will appear. In principle, the products corresponding to the username you have searched for should appear first.
  4. Access a link of those products and, as before, you can go to the seller's profile.

As you can see, it is not difficult at all to search for a Wallapop user, but Yes, it is a bit laborious. and more if we also use other applications that do offer the option to search by username. However, it is not an impossible task.

I hope that with these simple steps you have managed to find the seller you were looking for. If you are thinking of buying or selling something on this platform, you should find out about how shipping works. For this I recommend that you take a look at an article that talks about it by giving here. You will see very quickly that both the sale and the purchase of second-hand products is very easy to carry out in Wallapop. Surely you will find more than one bargain!

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