How to avoid falling for this Tik Tok scam

Most common TikTok scams

Tik Tok is a very famous social network in the world, especially for short, dance and vertical videos. However, a new "fame" has been circulating lately, but this time related to scams from the platform.

Normally, this social network had been far from it, but with its growth, it is now an excellent setting for scams. Considering that the majority of users are impulsive young people, who rarely stop to analyze, they are easy victims of these deceptions. To avoid falling into them, we will tell you which are the most common.

5 most common scams on Tik Tok

Most common Tik Tok scams

When we talk about platforms where they carry out scams, a lot usually comes to light. WhatsApp, but lately Tik Tok is being used to deceive. What happens is that they use very credible strategies, where they impersonate celebrity accounts and steal data, money, access and more.

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These scams are disguised as fabulous offers, proposals and deals, where you will end up duped and very indignant. To avoid falling into them, we will tell you which are the most common and how to deal with them:

I am rich and you can be too

They don't exactly say it like that, but that's more or less the message they're trying to convey to you. This type of content is a big scam and you should not fall for it, because let's analyze the situation a little. What person with a lot of money will take the time to tell you how to become rich?

On the other hand, this type of content goes viral and generates money, but we know that it is not as much as the effort involved. In short, no one gets rich overnight, at least not legally, just these scammers stealing your money.

Fake “Dropshipping”

Dropshipping is a very lucrative business modality that when done legally, works perfectly. Is about become a kind of reseller of store products, where your profit is the differential between what the product is worth and what you put extra on it.

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When we make these links with Tik Tok users that we don't know, that's when the problems come. One of them is the sale of fraudulent, damaged or poor condition products. Sometimes they promote products that are not in inventory or ask users to open online stores, reserve stock in advance and never hear from them again.

Fraudulent applications

A video on Tik Tok promoting external applications that when downloaded you generate new experiences. Usually, These apps are not available in official app stores and indeed it is because they are fraudulent.

By downloading them and installing them on your mobile, you only allow this scammer to take over your data and end up stealing your money from bank accounts. Even scamming other users, but this time using your identification, something more serious than you think.

Fake accounts

fake accounts on Tik Tok that are scams

Fake accounts exist on all social networks, but the ones that do the most damage are online sales. The most common thing is that we contact them, request a product, pay for it and even the shipping, but the result is a scam.

To prevent this from happening to you, we recommend that you validate the store before paying. You can do a little research about it on other platforms or look for opinions from other users. In these cases, sometimes the need to have the product wins more, because of how "cheap" it is, we end up losing more.

Phishing scams

The famous phishing scams have reached Tik Tok through emails. At some point you may receive an email and it has every indication of being from the social network. The content is variable, with information about a video that can be unsubscribed and to avoid this you must click on a certain link.

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It is perhaps the most common, although there may be other requests such as account credentials or something more daring such as bank details. Whatever the request, you should know that Tik Tok does not request no type of personal information.

In these cases, always verify the email that sends the message, it must have the domain, without hyphens or any other character in between. Do not click on any link I sent you, much less give out personal information.

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These scams can happen to any Tik Tok user and the social network is not responsible for them. Much less about the execution, considering that you are the one who can avoid it. Being more cautious and less gullible is a solution. Share this information with other people on your social networks and help reduce the number of victims of scams on Tik Tok.

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