How they can hack your mobile

This is how they can hack your mobile

The cell phone has become such an important and extremely careful personal item that if a stranger takes it, they can take over your identity. That is why today we will talk about the different methods that these digital thieves use to deceive, take your information and hack your mobile.

There are many techniques they implement and they can become increasingly complicated to overcome, especially for naive users. Let's see how can they hack your mobile and what to do to avoid this situation.

Be careful so they can hack your mobile

How to prevent your cell phone from being hacked

One of the platforms most used to hack mobile phones is WhatsApp. This application, although it is not involved in the scam, is a very appropriate channel to carry it out. Being an instant messaging app, it is easy to play with another person's mind, posing as a "possible acquaintance."

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For example, everything starts with "Hello, I'm Juan, I've changed my number, save this one and delete the other one." This is where the hunt begins and the first to fall will be the victim. Like this there are many others tricks that will seek to fool you and here we will tell you how to detect if it is really something real or if it is a hacking attempt:

Close the transfer on WhatsApp Web

When you log in to WhatsApp Web, you remain permanently connected until you terminate the account. You may have connected it in a public place and forgot to close it, when another person comes they will have access to your information.

The best thing in these cases is to never open WhatsApp web on computers for public use, do it on your personal computer, but always disconnect when finished. You never know who can access it and steal your identity.

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Stop using public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are a double-edged sword. Despite being a good option if you do not have data available, going to a shopping center or plaza allows you to stay connected. However, by accessing them you open a door for anyone to enter your team.

Scanning public QR codes

QR codes are known for containing a large amount of information that we can access with a simple scan. However, if we do it in public or unknown encodings, we could be entering unsafe spaces. Avoid doing it if they give it to you on the street or see an advertisement posted on the subway, don't fall into temptation.

WhatsApp activation code

Through an activation code they can hack your mobile. This encryption is used to identify an account and activate it on another device, causing it to be removed from the original computer. If someone asks you for this information, they are trying to steal your data, so don't share it for anything in the world.

How do I know if my phone is being hacked?

What to do if your mobile is hacked

There are several actions that you can identify to know if your mobile is being hacked. The main thing is the behavior of the team, if it seems to have a life of its own, perhaps you are being a victim of identity theft. Also, depending on how the device works, for example, if it downloads quickly or if it is slower than usual. Let's know more details about these actions:

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Verify that it is the real person

When you receive a message of that style where they identify themselves with a common name, where perhaps you know someone called that, the first thing is to verify. It is important that do not respond before you are 100% sure and much less give data to these numbers. For example, avoid answering What Juan? Gonzalez? Without a doubt the answer will be “Yes, that same one! How have you been?"

The ideal is not to delete the other number, take a screenshot of the message and send it to the original contact. Check if it really is this person or not. Also, you can call him and verify with his voice that it is him, or request a photo or voice note. Consume all the resources available, and if you notice a lot of negativity or a use of infrequent words in this person, start to doubt.

Do not answer messages that you have not requested

Some messages may be related to changing passwords, two-step verification of applications or contaminated links. If you have not requested any credentials, recovery of them or verification link, they are surely trying to hack your mobile. In these cases it is best to ignore the chat, take a screenshot and alert other contacts of what is happening.

You are online at an unusual time

If you receive comments from your contacts that you have messaged them at times other than usual, someone may be impersonating you. Also, it could happen that they have altered your account settings by changing the option to "see the last connection on WhatsApp", so it may be an identity theft in progress.

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You receive connection notifications

When a user tries to connect to your WhatsApp account on the web version or another device, you will receive a notification. In these cases you can go to the app settings and close all linked devices and avoid a possible hack of your mobile.

The computer is slower than usual

If you haven't installed any apps or downloaded any files recently, but overnight the team is slow, something happens. It could be that the phone is being hacked through an app or remotely.

When devices start acting differently, something is probably affecting them and causing them to slow down. You surely have a spyware that compiles every movement you make with the equipment. In these cases, we recommend making a backup copy of your information and doing a factory reset instantly.

What to do if my mobile is hacked?

Trick to prevent your mobile from being hacked

If it is late and you already have the intruder inside your mobile, do not think that all is lost. There are several methods that you can apply and try to save the situation in the best possible way. Let's see what to do if your mobile is hacked:

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Lock the SIM

Notify the telephone operator that you have been a victim of identity theft and for this reason you want to temporarily block the SIM. In this way, there is a precedent that it is not you who is manipulating the number from that moment on and you are somewhat freed from the authorities. However, the next thing is to file a complaint about what happened.

Request a duplicate SIM

Talk to your telephone operator and request a SIM with the same number. Install WhatsApp and begin the process of moving all the information from one computer to another. This way we keep the same data and remove the user who is using our WhatsApp, without having to block the SIM.

Block your WhatsApp account

If the previous step is not so simple, the best thing is to whatsapp lock, to prevent them from using your number and trying to scam other contacts. This process is temporary, it does not imply the deletion of messages and you have 30 days to wait if you have messages sent.

Do not log out of WhatsApp

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. hacker will try to take over your WhatsApp account carrying out a mass sending of verification codes. When the allowed amount is exhausted, the account will be blocked and you will have to wait around 12 hours to receive another code. In these cases, it is recommended to continue using the app as usual and ignore the messages.

whatsapp blocked
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How to improve the security of my mobile phone?

How to improve mobile security

The mobile can be protected in many ways, the first is tI have a reliable antivirus for Android. These software provide guaranteed protection, with alert and notification systems in case something strange happens. Also, you should activate two-step verification on all your accounts to preserve the privacy of your sessions and prevent strangers from entering without your consent.

Use app lock, whether through passwords, patterns, fingerprint or face scanning and prevents others from easily accessing your information. Avoid logging into your accounts on public computers, and if you do, close your account before leaving.

Google Prompt
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With these recommendations and tricks you can be more sure that your information will be safe and protected. However, the greatest care must be taken on your part and avoid falling into these types of naive scams where they ask you for information or for you to click on an unsolicited link. If you liked this article, share it so that other people are aware of what to do if they try to hack your mobile.

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