A message of only 2KB is capable of breaking WhatsApp

Break WhatsApp

That WhatsApp is the most downloaded and used instant messaging application in the world, endorsed by its more than 600 million active users, does not mean that it is the safest of all of them since as we all know, in terms of data security and encryption, unfortunately leaves much to be desired.

One more example of the lack of security that WhatsApp has, we have it in the discovery of some security students of Indian origin who by just sending a message with about 2000 special characters of only 2KB in weight, is able to break the application, force its closure and not recover until we delete the data of the affected chat or conversation.

This is how WhatsApp breaks

Specifically and as we can see in the attached video just above these lines, Indarjeet Bhuyan y saurav kar, the two security students from India who would have found this failure or weakness in WhatsApp security. By simply sending a single message with characters such as letters of the Chinese alphabet or various symbols, they have managed to break the WhatsApp application and not recover until we proceed to delete the affected chat data for the receipt of that message from just 2KB total weight.

Break WhatsApp

A vulnerability that seems particularly serious to us since if something similar to this had previously been achieved, a super text message of about 7 Mb in weight.

At the moment we are waiting for some kind of official statement from WhatsApp explaining how they plan to solve this security flaw in WhatsApp, a security flaw that anyone can exploit by simply sending a text message with special symbols and weighing 2KB or more.

Waiting as I tell you from the aforementioned official statement or for an update that solves this serious security flaw, the only way to save it if we have received one of these breakthrough WhatsApp messages, is how I tell you deleting the entire chat or complete thread of the conversation with the person who has sent us the aforementioned explosive message.

A bug already fixed

Break WhatsApp-1

Vulnerabilities in WhatsApp have always existed, this is also one of them, at least it has already been corrected by the application engineers. It took a few days, since this file of just 2 kilobytes has been useful to many over time, but others did not find it beneficial or anything.

Errors of this type have been seen over timeDespite this, many have been repaired, although others have reappeared. Security is important and valuable, especially for those users who are trying a lot of things, including the typical ones such as sending files, receiving, as well as other things.

Searching for this type of bugs is not easy, despite this, over time they have found some high-level ones, but which they have later corrected because they were exponents. Breaking WhatsApp is not theoretically easy, despite this, the security that the utility has is greater than that happening, at least not currently, which is what we are looking for.

Block a person by binary code

Although it does not break as it did before, It will also be possible that you can block an account specific for a limited time. It is not easy, you have to follow a few steps and it is understandable that sometimes the error has been corrected, which is something that is done over time.

This will make the application go a little crazy, it is a hack that was used in Windows, there were even apps already created with this type of thing to block Messenger (Microsoft), which is already in another life. It is recommended that if this happens to you, you should block the contact in question. once a reasonable amount of time passes.

Messages called bombs are made with ASCII, incorporates many characters, which in the end are what make the conversation block you and with it the app. It is not for too long, but for a time that can be between 1-2 minutes, depending on the greatness of this well-known script.

A clear example of this is putting different numbers throughout this, being almost infinite and sendable to any contact in your address book, for this you have several examples on the Internet if you want to make a "bomb message." Some still work and take very little time to create this, this is the case of the typical ones is Rakko, through it we can do some things like this, put numbers and send such a message, just copy and paste in the chat.

Bomb messages, dangerous

Over time, those who have sent a message of this nature have been reported, even having the account blocked for a certain time. They have been reported by the people who have received it, while others have not done so because they are people close to their circle.

It is recommended, on the other hand, that if you receive it, you ask them the reason why they did it, thereby ensuring that they do not send it to you again in your conversation. It is not a blockage as such, but it is a nuisance to get stuckIt is advisable that if you see it from a contact you ask them and on the other hand you block them if you see that they do not contribute to you.

Don't use it for your benefit

This is something you can do for yourself, but it is recommended not to use it, since they will see it for what it is, a flood to a specific person. The number will always be able to retrieve the latest messages if it reports to you, studying the case and trying to reach an agreement with you, sometimes this does not usually happen.

The so-called ASCII usually have a different function than the one being used, for example to put different things, change some letters, among other functions. They are m

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  1.   Guixe94 said

    Also clarify that it only happens on Android, not on IOS, so if they send it in a group and you have to leave, tell someone who has an iPhone that is in the group to add you again and that's it.

  2.   atron said

    I miss the stability of ios more and more… and I've only been on android for two months.

  3.   w said

    There is for iphone I sent a super-message of some characters that formed a drawing and whatApp was hung from a
    friend… tennis iphone 5S 64 GB …… ..more info I leave my email jheyson.jbk@gmail.com