Rafa Rodríguez Ballesteros

Hooked and involved since… always! with the Android world and the entire incredible ecosystem that surrounds it. Since 2016 I have tested, analyzed and written about smartphones and all types of gadgets, accessories and devices compatible with Android for different websites in the AB Internet and Actualidad Blog family. Always alert to news to be “on”, learn and stay updated. I am passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge with readers, offering tips, tricks and recommendations to get the most out of their Android devices. I also like to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the technology sector, as well as trying the most interesting and fun applications and games. My goal is to convey my enthusiasm and curiosity about the Android world, and help users enjoy the best possible experience. I feel like an athlete even though I practice less than I would like. The sea always contributes when I have it close.