Why doesn't Instagram let you follow more people?

Why Instagram won't let you follow accounts

Instagram is a social network that encourages users to interact with all accounts. When one catches your attention, the first thing you do is click on, but some inconveniences can occur where the system It doesn't let you follow more people. Let's see what the causes of this impediment may be and how to try to solve it.

Causes why Instagram doesn't let you follow more accounts

Maximum limit of accounts to follow on Instagram

Following accounts on Instagram is the dynamic that every user does when they enter this social network. The goal is to meet more people, interact with them or follow them to learn more of their advice. However, there are some reasons that prevent you from following some accounts, whether it is problems with your profile, you have reached the limit you allow, among others. Let's see what happens in these cases and how to solve it:

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You have reached the allowed limit

Instagram has a limit of accounts to follow and it goes up to a maximum of 7.500 people. When a user tries to follow more accounts, the system notifies that they have “exceeded the scope”, which is why they cannot add more people.

In that case you must delete other accounts to be able to add more to your followed list. Instagram has placed this limit for reasons of spam. However, there may be some accounts that follow more than 7.500 people and if so, it was surely before the implementation of this rule.

you have been blocked

If an account has blocked you, it will be impossible for you to follow it. This happens frequently and we don't know it until we try, for example, to follow it. If so, you can corroborate it by trying to follow other accounts and if the social network allows it, you are effectively unable to follow that other account.

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Account verification issues

In some cases the sessions may not have started correctly. That is to say, It has not been completed validating that it is the owner of the account. What happens is that Instagram must confirm that it is the original owner, and if it doesn't let you follow accounts it is because it has not been properly confirmed.

Simply log out, log back in, and follow the authentication steps. For example, if you have Instagram two-step verification active. Once this is solved, try following an account and the problem will surely have been solved.

Instagram has sanctioned your account

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If you have done something bad on Instagram and the social network has sanctioned you, you will not be able to follow another account. This occurs when the system receives some reports from other users about your content. If you have been blocked, you will not be able to do anything on the account.

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You use a VPN

Install a VPN app on your mobile It is important, but if the store is activated while using Instagram, the system can understand that you are connected in another region. This is not bad, but for the social network it could be interpreted as a third party or intruder using the account unscrupulously.

If you are usually connected in one region and overnight you enter another IP address, Instagram might think it is not you. In that sense, it makes many actions impossible, for example it doesn't let you follow accounts. What you should do is deactivate the VPN and try.

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These are some of the possible causes why Instagram won't let you follow an account. Evaluate one by one before making drastic decisions and try to do so with great caution.. What experience can you tell us about this block when following an account on Instagram?

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