What is the best length of videos for social networks?

How long should the videos be on each social network?

If you are a content creator, influencer or simply want to grow on social networks, one of the best strategies you can follow is the creation of transcendent videos for your audience. And to make videos suitable for your audience, in addition to dealing with interesting topics, It is essential to find the best social media duration that you use in such a way that the impact and retention of your audience is maximized.

Therefore, today we will see the different platforms or social networks that you can use to grow with your videos. Each of these networks has different rules and user expectations that affect the length of the videos. So I'm going to explain to you What length should your videos be to improve viewing statistics? of your content.

Knowing your audience improves your growth on social networks

Know your audience

As I told you, in each social network the behavior of users varies, which affects the ideal duration of the videos that are uploaded to these networks. For example, Instagram and TikTok are known for their fast, ephemeral contentWhile YouTube and Facebook can host longer and more explanatory videos. Adapting the length of your videos to the platforms specifically is essential to capture and maintain the attention of your audience.

And speaking of audience, it is essential that you know yours. That is to say, you have to know why people watch your videos and discover what makes you unique. When you know the reason for your fame, you will know how to adapt to what the public wants from you. For example, if you are a comedian, perhaps the audience wants to see a gag that lasts a few seconds, however, if you are a theoretical physicist, you can extend the length of your videos since your content is educational and requires more time to be understood.

For this reason, it is essential know what your niche is and understand how other popular channels similar to yours work to know what may be working for them. And of course, see how long or short their videos are.

How long should the videos be on each social network?

best duration social media videos

First You have to think about how long your videos are going to be in general. That is, if your work involves a lot of explanations, like the example I gave you before about a theoretical physicist, you will need to find a platform where your long videos are visible. Meanwhile, the example of the comedian can keep really short videos capable of surprising and amusing the audience.

So, let's give a little review on how long your videos have to be if you want to succeed on these social networks.


On Instagram, the videos in the feed generally They work best when they last between 30 seconds and 1 minute. It is a social network where users usually view content quickly, therefore, capturing attention in the first seconds of the video is essential. This is true even in Stories, where the optimal duration is about 15 seconds for each video.


And if we talk about TikTok, this platform allows videos up to 3 minutes, which gives us to understand that they prioritize short videos. In fact, most viral content on TikTok is much shorter than on other social networks. Of course, we would never reach something as extreme as Vine was (his videos had a maximum duration of 6 seconds and it was a complete success).

Even though now The duration of horizontal videos on TikTok has been increased to compete with YouTube, on TikTok You will always find viral videos with a duration between 15 to 60 seconds. Try to condense your content into that time frame.


However, in YouTube the videos that most capture the viewer's attention They usually last approximately 10 minutes, a duration that has stabilized due to advertisements on the platform.

To maximize the profit on YouTube, if we are monetizing the channel, which What matters is that they are long videos since the longer the video, the more ads you will see.. Of course, no one likes to watch ads, try to optimize the duration so as not to bore the audience and at the same time get the most out of the platform.


Now, Facebook has a tolerance similar to that of YouTube, the videos are usually longer. Although in this case we would find a somewhat shorter duration, lasting 3 or 5 minutes approximately. Therefore, to be effective and keep our audience interested in Facebook we have to know how to capture the user's attention in a short time.

Now, uploading videos to a social network does not prohibit us from uploading videos to another network. In fact, it is more than recommended. combine social networks to get the most out of your content.

Try to reach all possible audiences

Best duration videos of Influencers

It is difficult to find the best length for your videos on social networks, but if you want to grow you will have to try and try to find the best duration of the videos on social networks, which your viewers usually watch.

Combining social networks to make long and short videos is essential to grow your channel. This strategy allows you to take advantage of the strengths of each platform and maximize your reach to reach all possible audiences. When you intend to diversify the content you upload on different social networks, you can attract different audience segments to keep them interested and engaged with you.

Then we would have long videos, which are ideal for platforms like YouTube and Facebook, where users are willing to spend more time on detailed and educational content. This is your main platform if your content is based on tutorials, interviews or reactions. However, this is not all since, It is important to maintain the quality of the content and ensure that every added minute adds value to the viewer. Otherwise we would be losing the viewer's interest.

We would also have short videos, which are perfect for networks like Instagram and TikTok, where the content must be fast and eye-catching, capable of capturing the user's attention almost instantly. These videos are ideal for quick announcements, quick tips, and fun joke-type content. The key here is to make every second count by starting strong, so that the content hooks the viewer from the beginning.

Combine social networks, the best strategy

Combine social networks

Knowing this, to grow in networks we have to cover all the networks we have at hand. Therefore, if your content is long, make shorts on YouTube so that more people know you, or even move your short videos to TikTok or Instagram, you will surely improve your viewing statistics.

And on the other hand, if we upload short or ephemeral content on TikTok, Maybe we are interested in creating a YouTube channel where we can chat at length with your audience. This way you wouldn't have to worry about making videos that capture attention from the first moment, but rather you would use this platform to expand your viewers.

In addition to this, no you are left with only the 4 most well-known social networks, tries to find new audiences on new and alternative platforms to what we already know. Thus many content creators have grown a lot, If they have been able to, so can you.

In short, if you want to grow in social networks you must, know yourself, know your audience and understand where you should upload your content. Having these 3 variables in mind, you will be able to have really interesting videos on each of the social networks where you are visited and thus increase your visits and followers.

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