5 solutions for the error “alarms are blocked if virtual reality is used”

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Virtual reality is a reality and many mobile applications are currently working under this technology. In case you don't know, using virtual reality consumes a lot of resources on your device and it may heat up or stop working. What no one expected is that The use of VR may interfere with the normal operation of the alarms on the mobile. If your alarm has been stuck lately, this may be the reason. Let's see how to solve this problem.

Virtual reality apps consume a lot of resources

Virtual reality consumes a lot of resources

When using a mobile device for virtual reality, the phone consumes a lot of resources, processing graphics in real time and responding to the user's movements to offer an immersive experience. In addition, mobile VR technology takes advantage sensors such as the gyroscope and the accelerometer to track our movements, which consumes even more resources. Some of the best-known apps that use virtual reality are YouTube VR, Within or games like Minecraft VR.

They are applications that can get the most out of virtual reality and that, due to their novelty, are very popular with the general public. In fact, it is common to download these apps just to try them out. However, when tested, mobile resources face a considerable drain. This leads the mobile phone to understand that it has to take resources destined for other tasks to "give them" to virtual reality..

This leads us to the fact that, when these apps are used, many other apps may fail due to not having resources. The problem is that if the resources that the virtual reality app takes are from another app, The cessation of its operation can affect us greatly. This is exactly what happens to the alarm applications that you may have installed on your mobile.

Prevent your alarm from being blocked

Prevent your alarm from being blocked

Unlike not being able to open a game, which can be annoying but not critical, If a blocked alarm stops ringing without warning, it can have serious consequences.. If you're experiencing problems with your alarms, such as blocking, not ringing, or ringing very quietly, here are some solutions.

  • When you need to use alarms, make sure there are no active VR apps that could interfere with your alarms. In fact, it completely shuts down everything except the alarms to ensure they don't fail.
  • If the problem persists you can consider using independent and external alarms. Or in the worst case, use a traditional alarm.
  • In case you have to use virtual reality apps, try to find options to reduce app consumption. Many virtual reality apps are configurable for this setting. If you reduce the consumption of the app it will probably not block the alarms.
  • Many times it is not resources that fail on your mobile but rather the compatibility of the apps. Try to update both the terminal and the alarm and virtual reality apps. This may be how you solve this problem.
  • Understand the resources of your mobile and what capabilities it has. It is possible that your mobile phone does not have a great processor or that it has little memory and therefore does not work correctly. You can use analysis apps to understand the status of your terminal.

These are the quickest solutions if you are losing your schedule because of virtual reality apps. Please note that if the problem is not fixed with any of the above solutions, Maybe you need to be assisted by the support of your mobile brand.

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